Camping Checklist

Camping Checklist

James Warrington

If you are new to camping, the list of equipment you need to get can appear quite daunting.

The camping checklist that we have put together here covers some of the must-haves and also some of the optional extras for you to consider before your next camping trip.

When you first buy a tent we recommend that you try the tent out for a night locally before you go.   This will familiarise yourself with erecting you tent but also give you a good indication of what you NEED rather than what you WANT. 


These are the basics for your camping adventure:

Tent and footprint groundsheet

Something to sleep in - Sleeping bags or are you taking a duvet?

Something to sleep on - Camping bed or Self inflating Mat?

 Cooker - To cook your meals on unless you plan to eat out

✅ Cooking Pans & Utensils

✅ Chairs - You'll need something to sit in whilst eating and possibly something to kick back and relax in

Lighting - Light for the tent and also for crossing the campsite at night

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Once you have all/some of the above you can then move on to optional extras to make your holiday a little more comfortable.

✅ Electric hook up

✅ Tent Carpet - For a touch of luxury on your holiday

✅ Table - Perfect for mealtimes and playing games on

Camping Toilet

✅ Cupboards and Storage

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✅ Gas for your stove or charcoal for your barbecue.

✅ Cleaning Equipment - washing up bowl, sponges and scrubbers are very useful.

✅ Kettle - For gas or electric

✅ Tableware - Plates, bowls etc

✅ Tin Opener

✅ Bottle Opener

✅ Matches / Lighter

✅ Wet Wipes or Cloths - For easy, quick cleaning

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✅ Mallet - to get the pegs into the ground

✅ Duct Tape - Used on simple repairs

✅ Brush - To keep the inside of the tent clean

✅ First Aid Kit

✅ Insect repellent 


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