The Outwell Appetizer 1-Burner Stove is a fast, efficient and portable stove that maximises heat output in an easy to clean set up. A stainless steel burner guarantees long lasting performance, with a safe and supple PVC hose for reliable power supply.

3000w burner - rapid, efficient cooking
Variable heat control - easy to use
Stainless steel burner - durable and simple to clean
Plastic feet
Low, stable design
PVC hose - with auto shut off

CE approved (845-17 P.I.N. 845/CR/0061)

Uses EN417 threaded self-sealing gas cartridges
Pack size: 22.5B x 21D x 8H (cm)
Weight: 0.7kg

Outwell Appetizer Cooker 1 Burner