The Vango AirBeam Azura II Air 600xl is one of our top picks for 2021.  Why? It offers amazing value for money compared to other similar tents on the market.  It's ideal for a family of up to 6 people as you get huge amounts of both living and sleeping space.  It features Vango’s Sentinel Dura and has a 4000HH waterproofing rating.  Another great feature of the Azura Air II 600xl is the large living area which is complemented by a built-in front awning which doubles up the space available to you.

The Vango Azura II Air 600xl is part of the AirBeam Excel range and it comes in Vango's vibrant sky blue colourway.  

AirBeams - There are five Inflatable AirBeams which when erected measures 6.9m x 3.8m.  It feels even bigger due to its pre-bent AirBeams that give you full head height throughout the tent.  The beams are encased in two thick layers of protective casing to make them tough to puncture.

Canvas - The canvas is Vango's Sentinel Dura which has a 4000HH waterproofing rating making it tough, waterproof and durable. 

The Azura Air 600xl features Vango TBS II (Tension Band System).  The TBS acts as an internal guying system to prevent sideways movement of the tent in windy conditions.

Living area - The size of the living space on the Azura II Air 600xl is impressive.

The front section of the living area on Azura II Air 600xl is perfect for use as a cooking area or wet area.  It has a large barn door entrance that can be opened partially or rolled all the way back. 

The back section of the living area is large and the large windows help keep the living area naturally bright but if you need some privacy you can zip up the curtains. 

Bedrooms - The Azura Air II 600xl will comfortably sleep six adults in its three-bedroom areas.  Each bedroom is designed to take a double airbed.  There is a large 6-berth inner at the rear of the tent with zipped curtain dividers (to create a 2+2+2).   

The inner tents are Vango's Dark Midnight midnight material to block the early morning sunlight.  The bedrooms have plenty of ventilation and also extra storage pockets at the bottom.  

A pelmet runs the full width of the tent to hide the inner tent attachment points and there are also extra storage space pockets attached.

Pitching - All Vango AirBeam tents are very simple to pitch – first, peg out the four corners of the tent and then inflate the AirBeams using pump supplied, we find pumping up the middle beam first and the tent pitches itself.  The Inner tents are pre-attached so once you have inflated all the beams you then simply peg out the rest of the tent and the guy lines.  From start to finish this tent can be erected in 10–12 minutes.

Features of the Vango AirBeam Azura 600xl:

  • Vango AirBeam®
  • Sentinel Dura Canvas
  • Sewn-in Groundsheet
  • Built-in Front Awning
  • Mesh Door 
  • SkyTrack™ II 
  • Cable Entry
  • High Cable Entry
  • Villa Construction
  • Clear Access Bedrooms
  • Lights-out Inner
  • Toggled Inner Divider
  • Double Section Living Area
  • Toggled Privacy Curtains
  • Diamond Clear Windows
  • Vango AirZone
  • AirZone Panel
  • TBS® II
  • Expandable Carry Bag
  • Double Action Pump
  • Front & Rear Storm Anchors
  • Fire retardant fabrics
  • Weight: 27.75kg
  • Packsize: L78.0 x H45.0 x W50.0cm
  • Capacity: 6 Person Tent
  • Pitching Time: 12 mins
Vango Azura II Air 600xl Tent 2021