The Vango Powerbank allows you to take a power source anywhere you want whether it be for camping or even home use.  This high-quality Powerbank has a USB and 12V output meaning it can run most electrical appliances. The Rechargeable 4000mAH Lithium Battery Outputs 15A on DC12V,  meaning you can run a digital tent or awning pump. It can be recharged by using a Micro USB Cable that comes with the powerbank, a full charge takes 8 hours.

Vango's Powerbank has a display battery indicator to let you know how much charge is left. The battery can run continuously for 1 hour, meaning you can pitch several tents from one charge. 

We truly believe there are endless uses for this Powerbank and it is certainly unlike anything else on the market.

  • Smart power indicator - Indicates remaining charge in torch
  • Runtime - Capable of inflating 4 large tents plus charging 2 phones
  • Charge time - 8hrs to fully charge via Micro USB using a 2A plug
  • Battery capacity - Rechargeable lithium battery (4000mAh)
  • Output DC and USB - Inflate tents and charge electrical items
  • USB cable included
  • WEIGHT 0.54kg
Vango Powerbank