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Vango Kalari 420 AirAwning 2018

  • Vango Kalari 420 AirAwning 2018
  • Vango Kalari 420 AirAwning 2018 Inside
  • Vango Kalari 420 AirAwning 2018 Vista Front
  • Vango Kalari 420 AirAwning 2018 Dimensions
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Product Information

The Kalari 420 is a stylish inflatable awning from Vango.  It's quick to pitch thanks to Vango’s patented AirBeam design, which enables it to be erected incredibly quickly.



Vango’s fantastic Kalari II 420 awning returns for 2018 with a stylish new Grey Violet colour and also some design improvements.  The Kalari II 420 awning offers luxury, innovation and in every detail a truly exceptional level of quality which is why is at the higher end of the Vango Air Awning Collection.

The 2018 Kalari II 420 caravan awning includes Vango’s new SkyTrack II System which is useful for hanging lights and storage accessories.  You can simply suspend the accessories from this track using the sky hooks, Meaning that you can feel even more at home in your air awning. The Skylight windows in roof work to allow plenty of natural light into the awning and the large clear windows provide lots of daylight and a fantastic view of outside.  The side doors can be removed fully and replaced with a Kalari Annex (optional extra) to add extra space for sleeping guests.

The Kalari II 420 awning has been created using Vango’s highest quality Sentinel Luxe 600 material. This provides this inflatable awning with long-lasting durability. This combined with the factory taped watertight seams help to ensure excellent weather protection. 

This awning utilises Vango’s famous AirBeam technology, the Kalari II 420 air awning ensures set up is quick and easy and has a pitching time of only 22 minutes.  Once inflated the airbeam tubes themselves are strong and durable and are 30% larger in diameter compared to standard beams, providing the awning with greater stability. The storm straps can be used in windy weather conditions for extra stability if needed. The new style smooth curve air beams maximise the headroom inside the awning and also the door height, giving you a larger and more usable space.

The Kalari 420 is suitable for caravans with an awning rail height of 236cm- 250cm.

This awning is created using Vango's highest quality Sentinel Pro 420 double ripstop polyester fabric which gives you a nice soft feel whilst being very robust and durable.  This canvas also makes the awning extremely resistant to UV light.  It has a 6000mm hydrostatic head and fully taped seam to make it completely waterproof.  The covered, heavyweight door zips also help to resist weather and the weather shield skirt minimizes drafts inside the awning.

There are four main Airbeams in this high-quality awning and several smaller bracer beams.  The beams are encased in a hardwearing protective case to make it incredibly tough to puncture.  These beams take just seconds to inflate so you have no time-consuming assembly.  Each Vango AirAwning is tested in 100kph wind speeds so you can be assured that it will stand up to whatever weather is thrown at you.

The inside space on the Kalari 420 measures 415 x 320cm and has plenty of doors,  there are three at the front and two at the side.  The Kalari 420 has a beautiful vista front which allows plenty of natural light.  There is zip up curtains for privacy.  The Kalari has flexi doors with multiple options allowing them to be opened to any level that suits you. There are ventilation points on all four corners of the awning to help prevent condensation.

Pack Size L78.0 x H45.0 x W46.0cm
Hydrostatic Head 6000mm
Awning Type Caravan
Canvas Sentinel Luxe 600
Weight 35.35kg


Specifications of the Kalari 420 AirAwning:

  • Sentinel Luxe 600
  • AirSpeed® Valve system and easy access positioning - designed by Vango to inflate your AirBeams with even less effort.
  • The beams in a Vango AirBeam create a strong and rigid tent structure. Very easy and quick to pitch
  • PVC mud strip around base of awning for easy cleaning
  • PVC draft-excluder strip included, plus wheel arch cover
  • Larger diameter beams are used with certain shapes and fabrics, to further enhance the AirBeam experience
  • Factory taped seams - All flysheet and groundsheet seams are factory taped, giving a watertight seal
  • Bracing beams for front and roof included
  • Rock pegs included - Strong, durable and can be used on more challenging terrain
  • Webbing storm straps - Provides secure guying at the front and rear of the tent
  • Lantern hanging points - Conveniently positioned in the living and bedroom areas
  • Vista Front floods the living area with light and provides a great viewing gallery.
  • Zipped privacy curtains - Simple and quick to use, zip curtains allow varying levels of opening. Fit to the flysheet with no gaps and simply roll down into a pocket
  • Diamond Clear windows - Maximise light and visibility.
  • Flexi Door - Adjust to be fully or half open
  • Fire retardant fabrics - Meets European EN5912 safety standard


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