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Vango AirAway Kela V Low 2019

  • Vango AirAway Kela V Low 2019
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Product Information

The Vango Kela V Low is a free-standing driveaway awning and is the perfect addition to your campervan.  Designed to fit vans 180 – 210cm in height, it is ideal for VW T4 and T5.


The massively popular Kela V Low inflatable drive away awning is the best selling awning in Vango's freestanding awning collection and has been stylishly designed to complement your campervan or motorhome.

It comes with features such as bracer beams and storm straps and has been made using Vango's high quality 420 double ripstop Sentinel Pro material to ensure the Kela V Low keeps its status as one of the best driveaway awnings available.

The connecting tunnel between the awning and vehicle features side doors on both sides which creates a perfect storage area and also a great place to take off muddy shoes meaning the awning and your motorhome can stay clean and dry.

The Kela V Low features Vango's patented Tension Band System which prevents lateral movement of the awning in windy weather conditions but can be tucked away into its own storage pockets in normal conditions.

The Vango AirAway Kela V Low Driveaway Awning is an inflatable awning that is designed to fit vehicles between 1.8 and 2.10m in height,  making it perfect for Volkswagon T4's and T5's.  The Vango AirAway no pole structure will appeal to anyone going on a touring holiday or a short break away.  Using robust inflatable beams in the pace of poles Vango driveaway awnings can be attached and erected easily.  This high-quality awning can be full pitched in under 10 minutes.

This awning only has 2 inflatable beams each of which takes under 2 minutes to inflate.  Each AirBeam model has been tested in wind speeds of 75mph so you can be assured that they will stand up to even the most adverse weather conditions.


Webbing straps
Velcro tabs
Pre-attached kador (most popular)

The canvas flysheet is made from high-quality Sentinel Pro fabric making it very robust and durable.  It also has a hydrostatic head of 6000mm and fully taped seams, so you will be perfectly waterproof whatever the weather.

The living area on the AirAway Kela V Low measures 3.1 x 2.1m.  It has a fully sewn-in waterproof polyester groundsheet which helps with insulation and has two doors (front and side) which each have a secondary mesh door which can be used to cool the awning down in hot weather and still keep the insects out.
The area between the living area and vehicle now has a door on each side so if you have wet shoes you don’t have to go through the living area and get it dirty to get to the vehicle.


  1. When you have chosen your spot and parked your vehicle, lay the awning out in position alongside.
  2. It’s best to attach the awning before inflating.  Once you have attached the awning, using one of the options mentioned above, peg the back two corners at the base of the vehicle and pull the awning out, so that the sides are at right angles to your motorhome, then peg out the front two corners.
  3. You are now ready to inflate your awning.  Using the pump provided, inflate the beams starting with the beam closest to the vehicle and work your way forward.   Screw the valve into the AirBeam and inflate to 7 PSI, once the beam is fully inflated screw the cap on firmly.
  4. Once the AirAway Awning is fully erect, check that the groundsheet and flysheet are evenly tensioned, if not, simply re-peg to correct it.  Then peg out the remaining pegging points and guylines, making sure that you don’t over tighten.
  5. The AirAway is supplied with a bracer beam to increase tension in the roof.  These have Velcro tabs at each end and can be attached to the main beams.  There is a slight curve in the bracer and it should be attached so that this curve is facing upwards into the roof.
  6. Finally, add your inner tent if required.
  7. The whole pitching process shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.

Features of the Vango Air Away Kela V Low:

  • Vango AirBeam® - Quick to pitch and creates a strong and rigid structure
  • Oxford Polyester Groundsheet - The perfect balance between low weight and high durability
  • Fully Sewn-in Groundsheet - Groundsheet is attached to the flysheet with an external storm skirt to provide a bug and draught free environment
  • Sentinel Pro - Designed for dedicated motor homers and caravanners who embark on several trips a year. Sentinel Pro is created by a blend of fibres and double ripstop construction, making it extremely waterproof and durable. Not to mention its new ColourLok™ technology to enhance resistance to UV fading.
  • AirSpeed® Valve System and easy access positioning - Designed by Vango to inflate your AirBeam®s with even less effort
  • Vango Patented TBS®II Tension Band System - Ensures awning performs in adverse conditions, especially in strong, changeable winds. When tensioned, the bands brace the beam or pole at 3 points and prevent sideways movement. Adjust TBS®II to remove slack. Do not over tension, as this may deform the poles. Can be stowed away in calm weather
  • SkyTrack II® System - A flexible hanging system which allows you to easily attach lighting, storage or SkyLiners
  • High Visibility Guylines with Tidies - High visibility lower half to prevent tripping hazards and ensure stability in high winds, with touch fasteners tidies to roll up the guylines when not in use
  • Adjustable Pegging System - Allows awning to be pitched perfectly on uneven surfaces
  • Diamond Clear Windows - Maximise light and visibility to provide a bright and airy environment
  • Skylight windows - Windows which run along the roof line of the awning to enhance light during the day and for star gazing at night
  • Zipped Privacy Curtains - Simple and quick to use, allowing varying levels of opening. Fitted to the flysheet with no gaps that simply rolls down into a pocket
  • Two Doors in Tunnel - For convenient access to the front or back of your vehicle
  • Roll Away Connecting Tunnel - Quick and easy when you drive away for the day, simply roll back the tunnel
  • King pole doors - Integrated eyelets allow optional king poles to prop open doors, creating a canopy
  • 2 Mesh Doors - Front and side doors fitted with internal mesh panel for bug free ventilation
  • Low Level Ventilation - Helps circulate air within the awning and reduces condensation
  • Oversized Bag - The wide opening makes it simpler to pack away your awning. This design also includes robust compression straps allowing you to reduce the overall pack size
  • Supplied with Double Action Pump - Rapidly inflate your awning (comes complete with a pressure dial)
  • Supplied with Steel Ground Pegs and Mallet - Strong, durable and can be used on more challenging terrain
  • Multiple Attachment Methods - Pre-attached 6mm kador, over vehicle straps, roof bar attachment tabs and sleeve for pole & clamp
  • Storm Straps - Additional stability for your awning in strong winds. Simply clip onto the pre-attached buckles and peg into the ground to secure
  • Cable entry point with tidies - Zipped entry point for power cable, with touch fastener tidies
  • AirAway® Vehicle Awnings included with - Pre-attached 6mm kador strip, over vehicle webbing straps, roof bar attachment tabs, sleeve for pole & clamp, steel rock pegs & mallet with carry bag, easy pack carry bag and double action pump with carry bag
  • Weight: 18.3kg
  • Awning Size: Low
  • Packsize: L78.0 x H32.0 x W34.0cm
  • Kador Adjustable Height: 180-210cm
  • Kador Length: 248cm
  • Weight without Accessories: 12.7kg
  • Pitching Time: 8 mins


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