The Definitive Guide to attaching a Drive-Away Awning to a Camper Van

The Definitive Guide to attaching a Drive-Away Awning to a Camper Van

How to Attach a Drive-Away Awning to a Camper Van

If you've ever wondered how to securely and safely attach a drive-away awning to your camper van without risking damage to either, you're in the right place. We'll guide you through this straightforward process, ensuring you get it right the first time.

Drive-away awnings are essentially tents with a connecting panel for your van, designed to fit over the connecting door to your van's living space. The first step is to ensure you attach the awning to the correct side of the van.

Height of Attachment

Before delving into attachment methods, let's address an essential consideration: the correct awning height for your van. If you own a VW camper van or a similar model, you'll likely require a "LOW" fitting awning suitable for vans ranging from 180 to 210cm in height. To ensure your awning is the right fit, measure the distance from the ground to your attachment point.

The specific van model isn't a primary concern; what truly matters is achieving the correct height for attachment.

Attachment Methods

Now, let's dive into the nitty-gritty of attaching your drive-away awning to your camper van. There are several attachment methods available, each catering to different van configurations.

Four Main Types of Attachment

  • Pre-attached 6mm Kador Thread
  • Velcro Straps for Roof Bars
  • 8m Storm Straps
  • Gutter or C Rail - using pole and clamp kit.

To determine which method suits your van, explore the options below:

Attaching via a Wind-Out Awning Rail

Drive Away Awning attached to Fiamma Wind Out

Attaching via a Fitted Rail on the Side of the Van

Attaching via Roof Bars

Attaching via a Gutter or C Rail

Attaching via 8m Storm Straps

Webbing straps

Pop-Top VW Camper Vans

Pop-Top VW Camper Vans

By following these attachment methods, you can confidently connect your drive-away awning to your camper van, regardless of its configuration. Always remember that while storm straps are versatile, they may not offer the same level of security as more robust attachment methods.

If you ever find yourself unsure or in need of additional advice, don't hesitate to contact us phone, e-mail or visit us in-store.