Vango AirBeam Tents

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    Experience the cutting-edge in camping technology with Vango AirBeam tents. These innovative inflatable tents offer rapid setup, exceptional durability, and enhanced comfort.

    If you're unfamiliar with these tents, here's the game-changer – no more traditional tent poles! Since its inception in 2011, Vango AirBeam tents have gained increasing popularity in the family camping market and have now become the biggest-selling tent range here at WM Camping. A decade later, there's an AirBeam tent for campers of all types, accommodating from 3-4 Man to 7+ Man tents.

    The standout feature? Lightning-fast setup, allowing even the spacious Tahiti 850xl, an 8-man family tent) to be fully pitched in just 18 minutes.

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