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    Embrace effortless camping with Vango AirBeam tents at WM Camping!

    Our 2024 Vango AirBeam Tent range features air tents made to accommodate 3 to 8 people and offer fast setup, spacious comfort, and fantastic weather protection. Ditch the pole struggles – Vango AirBeam technology inflates your home away from home in minutes, leaving you more time to enjoy your camping holiday.

    Effortless Pitching: Patented AirBeam® technology replaces traditional steel or fibreglass poles with pre-assembled inflatable beams, allowing for rapid setup in as little as 10-15 minutes, even for the most spacious tents! No technical expertise is required – simply inflate, peg out the tent, and relax.

    Catering to various group sizes, these tents promise not just shelter but a home away from home.

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    10 products

    What are Vango AirBeam tents?

    Vango AirBeam Tents: Inflatable Innovation

    Vango AirBeam tents are a type of inflatable tent designed and manufactured by Vango, a well-known and respected outdoor equipment company. These tents utilise inflatable beams, instead of traditional steel or fibreglass poles, to create the structure for the tent. The inflatable beams are typically made from robust and durable materials, such as TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).

    Quick and Easy Setup Process

    The defining feature of Vango AirBeam tents lies in their quick and straightforward setup process. Campers forego the conventional task of assembling and inserting traditional tent poles; instead, they efficiently inflate the beams using the pump provided. This innovative approach results in a significantly faster pitching process compared to traditional poled tents.

    Options for Every Camper

    Vango caters to a diverse range of camping needs by offering a variety of AirBeam tents. The smallest Vango AirBeam tent in the range is the 3-man Harris Air 350 to the Vango Joro Air 600xl all the way up to the large 8-man Tahiti 850xl. These tents come equipped with features such as multiple rooms, sewn-in groundsheet, mesh panels for ventilation, and waterproof materials for enhanced comfort and protection from the elements.

    Stability in Adverse Weather Conditions

    The use of inflatable beams not only simplifies setup but also contributes to the stability of AirBeam tents, especially in challenging weather conditions. Many users appreciate the added stability when facing adverse elements during their camping holiday.

    Why Choose WM Camping?

    At WM Camping, our expertise is reflected not just in our product offerings but in the unparalleled service we provide. Our team of experts have been with for many years and is here to guide you in selecting the perfect Vango AirBeam tent for your needs.

    Benefit from free delivery on orders over £100, making your purchase not just convenient but also cost-effective.

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