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Sleeping Bags

Our sleeping bags are designed to keep you warm and comfortable in a variety of temperatures and conditions. We have a wide range of sleeping bags available, from lightweight summer bags to heavy-duty winter bags, and everything in between. You'll also find a variety of sizes and styles, including mummy bags and rectangular bags, to suit your preferences and needs.

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Camping Beds

Our camping beds are easy to set up and pack away, and provide a comfortable, elevated sleeping surface.

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Self Inflating Mats & Sleeping Mats

For those who prefer a lightweight and compact option, we have a range of sleeping mats. Our selection includes foam mats and self-inflating mats that offer excellent insulation and cushioning to help you sleep soundly.

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Camping Pumps

To make setting up your camping bed or sleeping mat nice and easy, we offer a range of camping pumps. Our selection includes manual and electric pumps, designed to inflate your camping gear quickly and efficiently, so you can get to bed and start enjoying your camping adventure.

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    Good sleeping equipment can be the difference between a good and a bad night’s sleep while camping.  With so many different products on offer, you really can choose the right sleeping equipment for you and your needs.

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