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    Explore the great outdoors with a tent from our Kampa Tent range, featuring a selection of poled and air tents designed to sleep 3 to 6 people. At WM Camping, we take pride in presenting a collection that blends innovation and comfort seamlessly.  From weekend getaways to family adventures, our tents offer a versatile and comfortable experience.

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    11 products

    Kampa Tents

    2024 Kampa Tents

    Our Kampa Tent range has been a meticulously put together and features poled and air tents designed to accommodate 3 to 5 people. At WM Camping, we understand the importance of a reliable tent, and our Kampa tents effortlessly combine functionality and style for an unparalleled camping experience.

    Versatility in Camping

    Our Kampa tent range range that caters to both intimate getaways and family camping holidays. Whether you seek a cosy 3-man tent like the Kampa Brean 3 Poled or a spacious family shelter like the Kampa Hayling 6 Poled Tent, our Kampa tents have you covered.

    Kampa Canvas:

    Our Kampa tents boast a resilient 68D canvas, providing the perfect balance of durability and weight. With a remarkable 3000HH-4000HH waterproofing rating, you can trust that these tents will keep you dry and comfortable, even during unexpected downpours.

    Kampa Frames: Fiberglass and Air Frame Technology

    The backbone of our Kampa tents lies in the advanced frame technology. Offering fiberglass and air frame options, these tents offer a sturdy and reliable structure that withstand the elements. Fibreglass poles provide strength and flexibility, while Kampa's air frame technology ensures a robust frame that is quick and easy to pitch.

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