Vango Tents: AirBeam & Poled Tents

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    Vango is renowned for creating its top-quality camping equipment, which is why they're a cornerstone of our tent range at WM Camping. Their unwavering commitment to testing has culminated in a premium product range that caters to a wide spectrum of campers. From compact 3-4 man tents to spacious family tents that sleep up to 8 people, Vango's offerings are celebrated by outdoor enthusiasts and casual campers alike.

    We also feature the innovative Vango AirBeam tent collection, which shook up the industry by replacing traditional poles with AirBeams, resulting in faster and more effortless pitching.

    For any enquiries regarding Vango tents, our team of experts is at your service.

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    24 products

    About Vango Tents

    Where are Vango from?

    Vango was established in 1966 in the West of Scotland, where the
    company is still based.  

    Product Range

    Vango makes tents and equipment that enable families to camp in comfort, go on adventurers and even go up mountains!

    Vango Leading in Design and Innovation

    They have taken their years’ of experience and added that knowledge to every tent they make.  Every tent, rucksack, sleeping bag and accessory has been designed by genuine outdoor enthusiasts resulting in quality camping gear that is packed full of innovation, stylish designs and usability.

    AirBeam® Tent Technology

    In 2011 Vango launched their AirBeam® tent technology that has revolutionised the camping industry and since then Vango have been at the forefront of cutting-edge design and innovation.