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    Camping in the UK is gaining popularity, offering families an affordable alternative to expensive flights and a chance to explore the country's beauty. When it comes to family holidays, creating unforgettable memories is key. Whether you're off to a nearby campsite for a weekend getaway or an extended summer break, your tent becomes your home away from home.

    At WM Camping, we understand the importance of catering to families of all sizes. Our family tent range includes options for families with one child and larger groups. We offer a large selection of family tents to suit various budgets, featuring top brands like Vango, Outwell, Outdoor Revolution, and Easy Camp.


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    27 products

    WM Camping's Family Tent Collection

    Choosing the right family tent is a crucial decision when planning a camping trip. Whether you have a large family or it's just a few of you, comfort is a top priority. Here are some key features to consider for your family camping adventure:

    1. Blackout Bedrooms: Prevent early sunrises from interfering with your well-deserved lie-ins.
    2. Porch Areas: Create additional living space outside for relaxation and convenience.
    3. Separate Bedrooms: Enjoy privacy within your tent for those moments of solitude.
    4. Reflective Guylines: Minimise the risk of tripping when moving around outside.
    5. Living Room Size: Ensure you have ample space in the living area for family activities and gatherings.

    Explore our carefully selected Best Family Tents 2023 to find our recommended options for your family's comfort.

    Choosing the Right Size for Your Family

    Selecting the correct tent size is essential for a successful family camping experience. Ensure you have enough space not only for sleeping but also for storing everyone's belongings. Take into account the ages of your family members and how long you plan to use the tent. While your children may be content with close quarters now, they may desire more space as they grow. It's generally a wise idea to opt for a tent one size larger than you initially need.

    For family-sized tents, our 5 to 6 person tents are ideal. If you're a family of four, older kids will appreciate the extra room, and tents with three zippable sleeping areas can provide them with their own "bedroom" to retreat to. For larger groups, our 7+ person tents and above offer spacious living areas, creating a comfortable home away from home.

    Additional Essentials for Your Family Camping Trip

    Once you've chosen your family-sized tent, consider these essential camping gear items to enhance your camping experience:

    1. Tent Porch Awnings and Extensions: Extend your living space to make the most of your family-sized tent.
    2. Tent Carpets and Rugs: Keep your tent cozy and warm, creating a homely atmosphere.
    3. Sleeping Mats: Ensure a good night's sleep for even the fussiest sleepers in the family.

    Explore our range of tent accessories, camping cooking equipment, and sleeping equipment to complete your family camping setup.

    Embark on a memorable family camping adventure with the perfect family-sized tent and essential gear from WM Camping.

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