Campervan Drive Away Awnings from Vango, Outdoor Revolution and Kampa

Campervan Drive Away Awnings

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    At WM Camping you'll find an impressive range of high-quality campervan drive-away awnings from top brands at unbeatable prices. If you need extra space for your camper, a drive-away awning is a perfect solution. Our selection includes fantastic drive-away awnings from Outdoor Revolution, Vango, and Kampa so that you can trust the quality of your purchase.

    We offer a wide variety of traditional poled awnings and inflatable styles in a range of shapes, sizes, and colours, ensuring that you'll find the perfect fit for your campervan. Our drive-away awnings are incredibly easy to pitch and take down, meaning you can quickly and easily set up your awning and start enjoying your camping adventure. We offer awnings suitable for various campervans, including VW campers and more.

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    24 products


    A drive-away awnings is a fantastic addition to your caravan, camper van, or motorhome. Think of them as a tent that seamlessly attaches to your vehicle, offering extra space without the hassle of disassembling when you need to hit the road.

    Drive-away awnings have gained popularity for several good reasons. They bring a wealth of benefits to your camping experience:

    1. Expanded Shelter: They provide a spacious, sheltered area right by your caravan or motorhome, ideal for dining, socialising, or simply enjoying the outdoors.
    2. Weather Protection: When the weather turns less friendly, these awnings offer a cosy living space, keeping you dry and comfortable.
    3. Extra Storage: Caravans and motorhomes can quickly become cramped. Drive-away awnings solve this issue by offering additional storage space for your gear and supplies.
    4. Sun Canopy: On sunny days, they transform into a shaded retreat, shielding you from the sun's harsh rays.
    5. Versatile Travel: You can explore the surroundings in your motorhome while leaving the awning set up, ensuring your spot is reserved upon your return.

    Finding the perfect drive-away awning requires consideration of a few key factors:

    Attachment Height: Matching the height of the awning to your vehicle is crucial. Most awnings have some adjustment room, so it doesn't need to be an exact match. Many models come in various sizes to cater to different heights.

    The setup process varies depending on your vehicle type:

    1. Rail Attachment: Some motorhomes and campervans come equipped with a rail for awning attachment. While you can secure your drive-away awning directly to this rail, it might take a bit more time to detach for driving. Using a figure-of-eight strip can make this process more convenient.
    2. Gutter Rail: If your vehicle has a gutter rail, a figure-of-eight strip can typically attach to it directly. Drive-away awning fixing kits contain all the necessary components for this setup.
    3. No Rail or Gutter: For vehicles without a rail or gutter, magnetic strips provide an alternative attachment method.

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    Selecting the ideal drive-away awning involves considering various features:

    • Brand Reputation: Some well-regarded brands, such as Vango, are known for their high-quality camper, caravan, and motorhome awnings. Vango's AirBeam inflatable drive-away awnings, often equipped with the SkyTrack system for easy storage and hanging, are particularly popular.
    • Other Options: Don't limit yourself to one brand; , Outdoor Revolution Drive Away Awnings and Kampa Drive Away Awnings are also top quality choices.