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Camping Furniture

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Camping Furniture

Explore our diverse range of camping furniture at WM Camping, featuring top brands such as Vango, Outdoor Revolution, Kampa, Outwell, and Easy Camp.

Our range includes everything from practical folding chairs, loungers, and inflatable seating to versatile tables, cupboards, storage units, and camping kitchens. Transform your campsite into a comfortable and organised space with our high-quality and durable camping furniture.

With a focus on functionality and convenience, our range caters to every camper's needs, ensuring a relaxing camping or campervanning holiday.

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Camping Chairs

We offer a huge range of comfortable and sturdy chairs, designed to keep you relaxed and comfortable during your outdoor adventures. From folding chairs to recliners, our chairs come in various sizes and styles to suit your needs.

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Camping Tables

Our camping table collection is designed to provide a stable and reliable surface for your camping needs. We offer a variety of tables that can easily be folded and stored away, making them convenient for transportation. From small side tables to larger dining tables, our tables are designed to withstand the elements and provide a sturdy surface for your meals.

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Cupboards & Storage Units

Our kitchen stand collection is perfect for those who want to cook in the great outdoors. These stands are designed to provide ample space for your cooking gear, making it easier to prepare and cook your meals. They come with shelves and hooks for hanging your pots and pans, and they are made from durable materials that can withstand the heat and weight of your cooking equipment.

Camping Cupboards & Storage Units

Camping Kitchens & Cooker Stands

Our storage unit range is perfect for keeping your camping gear organized and easy to access. Our storage units come in various sizes and styles and are designed to keep your gear nicely organised when you're on holiday. Whether you are storing your clothes, food, or camping gear, our storage units will ensure that everything stays in its place.

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    97 products

    Camping Furniture at WM Camping

    Camping Furniture - Comfort and Functionality for Every Camper

    Our furniture for camping range features renowned brands such as Vango, Outdoor Revolution, Kampa, Outwell, and Easy Camp. Our carefully selected range covers a spectrum of camping essentials, providing campers with the perfect furniture to enhance their outdoor experience.

    Versatile Seating Options

    Check out our range of camping chairs of designed for ultimate comfort:

    Folding Chairs: Embrace convenience with our selection of folding chairs, perfect for campfires, picnics, and outdoor gatherings. These chairs combine portability with comfort, making them essential for any camping trip.

    Loungers & Relaxers: Unwind in style with our loungers and relaxers, offering the perfect seating solution for moments of relaxation. Whether you're reading a book or enjoying the scenery, these furniture pieces add a touch of luxury to your campsite or even in the garden.

    Inflatable Chairs and Sofas: Experience the ultimate in comfort with our inflatable chairs and sofas. Compact and easy to inflate, these pieces offer a cosy seating experience without compromising on portability.

    Stools: Opt for versatility with our practical camping stools. Lightweight and space-saving, these stools are ideal for additional seating or as handy foot stools.

    Convenient Tables for Every Occasion

    Create a functional campsite with our range of camping tables:

    Folding Tables: Enjoy hassle-free dining or workspace setup with our folding tables. Designed for portability and durability, these tables provide a stable surface for various activities.

    Adjustable Leg Tables: Tailor your camping setup with our adjustable leg tables. Versatile and adaptable, these tables cater to different preferences and terrains, ensuring a comfortable experience.

    Organised Campsite with Cupboards & Storage Units

    Keep your campsite organised and clutter-free with our cupboards and storage units:

    Cupboards: Store your essentials neatly with our practical camping cupboards. Offering multiple compartments, these cupboards make it easy to access and organise your belongings.

    Storage Units: Maximise space with our storage units, designed to accommodate various camping gear. From clothes to kitchenware, our storage units ensure a tidy and efficient campsite.

    Effortless Cooking with Camping Kitchens & Cooker Stands

    Enhance your outdoor culinary experience with our camping kitchens and cooker stands:

    Camping Kitchens: Enjoy a fully-equipped kitchen setup with our camping kitchens. Designed for convenience, these units feature multiple surfaces and storage options, making outdoor cooking a breeze.

    Cooker Stands: Optimise your cooking space with our cooker stands. These portable and sturdy stands provide a stable platform for your camping stove, ensuring efficient meal preparation.

    H3: Trusted Brands for Reliable Camping Furniture - Vango, Outdoor Revolution, Kampa, Outwell, and Easy Camp

    WM Camping proudly features camping furniture from leading brands—Vango, Outdoor Revolution, Kampa, Outwell, and Easy Camp. These brands are recognised for their commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability in outdoor equipment. By offering products from these industry giants, WM Camping ensures that campers have access to the best camping furniture, combining functionality with durability.

    Quick and Easy Setup - Focus on Enjoying the Outdoors

    At WM Camping we know the importance of making everything simple when camping. Our camping furniture is designed with quick and easy setup in mind, allowing campers to spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time on assembly. With our collection, you can effortlessly create a comfortable and organised campsite, ensuring a memorable camping holiday.