Large 5-6 Man Family Tents from Vango, Vango AirBeam, Outwell, Kampa and Outdoor Revolution

5-6 Man Tents

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    Looking for the perfect family tent? Look no further than our 5-6 man tents, the most popular choice for families. You'll find some of the best-selling tents on the market from your favourite camping brands such as Vango, Outdoor Revolution, Outwell and more, available in various styles including poled and inflatable tents.

    Our collection caters to families and large groups seeking spacious and comfortable tents for their camping holidays. Whether you're planning a family camping trip or attending a festival with friends, our tents offer the perfect blend of durability and convenience.

    Our 5-6 person tents feature standing-height interiors, making them ideal for both adults and children and partitioned bedrooms, providing privacy and comfort for everyone. The range includes inflatable and poled tents, ensuring easy setup for hassle-free camping experiences. WM Camping takes pride in offering tents with standout features like porches, blackout bedrooms, and impressive waterproof ratings.

    We also sell these tents as packages which include the tent, carpet and footprint groundsheet. Shop our Tent Bundles.

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    14 products

    5-6 Man Tents

    Explore our comprehensive collection of 5-6 man tents designed for family camping adventures. At WM Camping, we understand the importance of spacious and comfortable tents for families seeking memorable outdoor experiences. Our family camping tents prioritise functionality and convenience, featuring partitioned bedrooms that provide a sense of privacy for all members.

    Air Tents vs. Poled Tents: Speedy Setup or Classic Camping?

    The pitching debate: air tents versus poled tents. Both options have their benefits, and WM Camping caters to both preferences.

    Air Tents: Embrace effortless assembly with an inflatable tent. Lightweight air tubes pre-attached to the tent fabric inflate quickly and easily with a pump, leaving you more time to roast marshmallows and tell campfire stories. Perfect for families with impatient little helpers or groups prioritising a speedy setup.

    Poled Tents: Our poled tents offer a classic camping experience. All of our poled tents are colour coded for simple pitching.

    Both air and poled options boast durable designs and weatherproof protection, so choose the setup style that suits your camping needs.

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    Spacious Interiors for Ultimate Comfort

    Experience camping like never before with our tents boasting standing height interiors. Enjoy the freedom to move around comfortably, making the tent a home away from home. The spacious design ensures a relaxed atmosphere for both adults and children, creating a memorable environment for family bonding.

    Easy Setup for Stress-Free Camping

    Say goodbye to complicated setups with our inflatable tents From Vango AirBeam, Outdoor Revolution and Kampa. WM Camping prioritizes ease and convenience, ensuring that your camping trip goes without a hitch. Spend more time enjoying the great outdoors and less time struggling with tent assembly.

    Premium Features for Unmatched Value

    Our collection goes beyond the basics, offering tents with unique features such as porches, blackout bedrooms, and impressive waterproof ratings. Enjoy the versatility of tents that cater to various weather conditions, providing a secure and comfortable shelter for your family.

    Family Tent Packages

    Take advantage of our family tent packages, thoughtfully curated to include essentials like groundsheets. WM Camping simplifies your camping preparations, ensuring that you have everything you need for a successful outdoor adventure. Trust in the quality and reliability of our tents to make your family camping trip memorable.

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    6-man tents, as the name suggests, will sleep 6 people. However, we believe that that 6 person tents are ideal for a family of 4. If you are a family of 6 we would recommend looking at our larger 7 & 8 Person tents so you have more room for living and storage space.

    For a group of four people, a tent with a capacity for at least 6 people is often recommended to ensure sufficient space for comfort and storage. This allows room for sleeping arrangements and extra space for belongings, helping you have a more enjoyable camping experience.

    While a 6-man tent is designed to accommodate six people, it's essential to consider factors like personal space preferences, the size of sleeping bags or mattresses, and the need for additional storage space. In practice, a 6-person tent may be more comfortable for four people, providing extra room for gear or allowing some space between sleeping areas. Always check the specific dimensions and layout of the tent to ensure it meets your comfort and space requirements.

    We recommend 6 person tents for families of four who like have plenty of living space.

    A Hydrostatic Head of 3000mm is generally considered sufficient for a tent when camping in the UK, effectively handling the pressure from wind-driven rain and providing reliable waterproofing.

    For camping in more extreme weather we would recommend tents with hydrostatic head of 4000mm-6000mm.