Vango Blissful Double Airbed
Vango Blissful Double Airbed
Vango Blissful Double Airbed
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Vango Blissful Double Airbed

Vango Blissful Double Airbed

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The Vango Blissful Double Airbed is a superior double heighted airbed with a built-in pump. Designed for those who desire a truly restful sleep, this top-of-the-range airbed offers customisable firmness settings and innovative features to ensure a peaceful night's rest. With its indulgent soft surface and elevated height, the Blissful Double Airbed provides the ultimate sleeping experience for campers seeking uninterrupted comfort.

Key Features:

The Vango Blissful Double Airbed features Coil Beam Construction, providing excellent support while maintaining extreme comfort throughout the night. The flocked PVC surface adds an extra layer of softness, enhancing the overall sleeping experience. Raised edges enhance firmness and stability, ensuring you remain comfortable and well-supported.

Innovative Design:

Custom Comfort settings allow you to adjust the airbed's firmness to suit your preferences, providing personalised comfort with just the touch of a dial. The Silent Top-Up System intelligently detects any loss of air pressure and automatically inflates the airbed, ensuring it remains fully inflated throughout the night.

Convenience and Durability:

Equipped with a Constant Comfort Pump, this airbed guarantees a comfortable sleep by refilling the bed when it loses firmness. The included carry bag makes storage and transportation convenient, while the mains-powered pump allows for easy inflation at home or on the campsite. Additionally, the airbed is groundsheet-friendly, ensuring no damage to your tent's floor.


The Vango Blissful Double Airbed measures 191cm in length, 140cm in width, and 46cm in height when inflated, providing ample space for two campers. With a maximum loading weight of 227kg, this airbed offers exceptional durability and support for a variety of users. Weighing just 8.0kg, it is lightweight and easy to transport, making it an ideal choice for camping trips and outdoor adventures.


Coil Beam Construction: Offers great support while being extremely comfortable

Repair Patches Included: For use in emergencies

Flocked PVC: Extra soft, comfortable flocked surface

Carry Bag Included: Convenient bag for storage and keeping the product clean

Mains Powered: Can be easily inflated at home or on the campsite using a UK mains plug

Auto Switch Off: Once the airbed reaches its desired firmness, the pump automatically stops inflating, saving time during setup

3 Layer Height: For extra comfort

Raised edges: Enhances firmness and stability

Groundsheet Friendly: The smooth surface area ensures there is no damage to your groundsheet

Inflates in 3 minutes: Fast inflation when you are looking forward to that good night's sleep

Silent Top Up: Appreciate an uninterrupted sleep thanks to the automatic top-up pump, ensuring there is no loss of air pressure through the night

Custom Comfort: Create the comfort you prefer by choosing from 3 different levels with the touch of a dial

Constant Comfort Pump: A smart pump technology that guarantees comfort by refilling the bed when it loses firmness

Maximum Loading Weight: 227kg/35st 10lbs

Self-Deflation Option: Turn the dial to deflate for quick and effortless deflation


  • Weight: 8.0kg
  • Inflated Length: 191.0cm
  • Inflated Width: 140.0cm
  • Inflated Height: 46.0cm
  • Max Load: 227kg