Vango Harris 500 Poled Tent

Vango Harris 500 Poled Tent

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  • Pitching time: 12 minutes
  • Sentinel 70D 62g/m², 3,000mm HH polyester Canvas
  • AirZone™ mesh panels & Diamond Clear windows throughout

The Vango Harris 500 stands as a testament to thoughtful design, prioritising ventilation for an unparalleled family camping experience. Tailored for a 5-person capacity, this poled tent is the ideal choice for summer breaks, offering a blend of space, durability, and ease of setup.



The Vango Harris 500 uses Vango's Sentinel Fabric, which is designed to balance pack size and weight, this fabric guarantees durability and Vango quality. With a waterproof rating of 3,000mm HH, it ensures exceptional performance even in unpredictable weather conditions. The ColourLok Eco technology enhances colour retention and UV protection while using up to 60% less water in the dying process.


The Vango PowerFlex® Fibreglass Poles form the tent's backbone, creating a robust, lightweight, and reliable structure. With an adjustable pegging system, pitching on uneven surfaces becomes a breeze. The pre-angled poles not only maximize internal space but also contribute to the tent's stability.

Living Area

The living area measures 150x320cm and welcomes you with diamond-clear windows, allowing natural light to flood the space. The large mesh roll-away front door, combined with an adjustable rear ventilation panel, ensures a comfortable and well-ventilated living space. The built-in front canopy prevents rain from intruding, enhancing your camping experience.


The Harris 500 features Vango's Lights-Out Bedrooms, minimising early morning light and facilitating a more flexible sleeping pattern. The Queen Size Bedrooms provide a generous sleeping area of 60cm per person, ensuring a comfortable night's rest. Conveniently positioned bedroom pockets offer accessible storage for your essentials.

Key Product Features

  • Packsize: L73.0 x H32.0 x W32.0cm
  • Pitching Time: Approximately 15 mins
  • Capacity: Ideal for 5 people, providing ample room to move around
  • Weight: 16.7kg
  • Sentinel Fabric: Waterproof, durable, and colour-retentive with a 3,000mm HH rating
  • PowerFlex® Fibreglass Poles: Strong, light, and reliable for easy setup
  • Diamond Clear Windows: Maximise light and visibility for a bright and airy environment
  • Fully Sewn-in Groundsheet: Provides a bug and draught-free environment
  • Lights-Out Bedrooms: Facilitate longer and more restful sleep
  • Pre-Attached Front Canopy: Offers extra living space and a sheltered entrance
  • Adjustable Rear Ventilation: Enhances airflow for a comfortable living space
  • Queen Size Bedrooms: Provides a spacious sleeping area per person
  • Covered Entrance: Prevents rain from dripping into the living area

    TOTAL WEIGHT - 13.1kg

    PACKSIZE - L72.0 x H31.0 x W31.0cm

    PITCHING TIME - 12 mins

    CAPACITY - 3 Man Tent

    Packsize: Max packsize of: L72.0 x H31.0 x W31.0cm

    Pitching Time: Ready to go in around 12 mins

    Capacity: Spacious 3 Person Tent

    Vango PowerFlex® Fibreglass Poles: Creates strong, light, and reliable structures

    Diamond Clear Windows: Maximizes light and visibility for a bright and airy environment

    Easy Pack Carry Bag: Oversized carry bag made from 15% more material with 50% more volume

    Fire Retardant Fabrics: Meets European EN5912 safety standard

    Lantern Hanging Points: Conveniently positioned for attaching lighting

    King Size Bedrooms: Offers a 70cm sleeping area per person for a comfortable night's sleep

    Waterproof PE Groundsheet: Robust and hardwearing fabric for active campers

    Sentinel Fabric: Specifically designed for compact pack sizes, strong, durable, and waterproof to a 3,000mm HH rating

    ColourLok Eco: Increases color retention, UV protection, and uses up to 60% less water in the dying process

    Lights-Out Bedrooms: Reduces early morning light for undisturbed sleep

    Adjustable Pegging System: Allows perfect pitching on uneven surfaces

    Cable Entry Point with Tidies: Zipped entry point for power cable with touch fastener tidies

    Large Mesh Roll Away Door: Front door with two large mesh panels that can be fully opened

    Adjustable Rear Ventilation: Mesh panel with adjustable cover at the rear of the tent

    Bedroom Pockets: Conveniently positioned for storing essentials

    Clear Access Bedrooms: Wider opening with no step over for easier access

    Mesh Doors: Integrated mesh panels in living room doors for increased airflow and bug protection

    Drop Down Door Step: Effortless tent entry and exit, suitable for pram and wheelchair access

    Covered Entrance: Provides sheltered entrance to prevent rain from dripping into the living area

    Fully Taped Seams: All flysheet seams are factory taped for a watertight seal

    High Visibility Guylines: Strong and easily visible in low light conditions

    Flat Front Living Area: Maximizes living space within the tent

    Large Mesh Vents on Inner: Keeps the tent cooler in warm conditions and reduces condensation

    Pre-angled Poles: Achieves greater internal space and provides effective bracing against winds

    Pre-Attached Extension: Front canopy built into the tent design for generous extra living space

    Fully Sewn-in Groundsheet: Adds comfort by providing a bug and draught-free environment

    SkyTrack™ II: Flexible hanging system for easy attachment of lighting or storage

    TBS®II Tension Band System: Ensures tent performance in adverse conditions, reducing sideways movement

    Waterproof PE Groundsheet: Robust and hardwearing fabric for active campers

    Villa Construction: Upright side walls increase tent height for maximum internal space



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