Pitching a Vango AirBeam Tent - Your Hassle-Free Guide!

Pitching an AirBeam tent has revolutionised family camping, making the process hassle-free.

However, to ensure a smooth setup, follow our handy blog guide below:

Prepare the ground

  1. Choose the right pitch location and avoid boggy or uneven ground.
  2. Remove any sharp objects from the ground
  3. Arrive at the campsite in good light conditions to avoid pitching in the dark.
  4. Lay down the footprint groundsheet first (if you have one).
  5. Keep all tent components nearby, including pegs and the pump.
  6. Place a weight inside the tent bag to prevent it from blowing away.

Pitching the tent

  1. Unroll the tent over the footprint groundsheet.
  2. Ensure the tent covers the sewn-in groundsheet completely.
  3. Peg down the four corners of the sewn-in groundsheet.
  4. Inflate the beams to 7PSI, starting with the middle beam.
  5. If needed, go inside the tent and lift the beam while inflating the remaining beams.
  6. For tents with a front enclosed porch:
  • Zip closed all front doors.
  • Peg the middle point at the front, not too tightly.
  • Then work from left to right, pegging the corners evenly.

Pegging out the tent

  1. Close all entry points into the tent to avoid pressure on the doors during re-pegging.
  2. Peg the rear of the tent neatly and adjust any pegging points as necessary.
  3. Peg each point outwards in the direction it faces.
  4. Securely peg out the guylines and storm straps, providing extra tension and strength.
  5. Avoid over-tensioning the guylines or storm straps to maintain the tent's shape.
  6. Check that all doors inside the tent open and close smoothly.
  7. Store the tent bag and any spares in a safe place, like the car.

With our step-by-step guide, pitching your Vango Airbeam Tent will be a breeze! Happy camping! 🏕️🌟