Poled Campervan Awnings From Vango and Outdoor Revolution

Campervan Poled Awnings

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    Explore our carefully selected range of Vango and Outdoor Revolution poled drive-away awnings tailored for compatibility with VW camper vans. These unique awnings utilise durable fibreglass poles as a framework, offering a distinctive combination of space efficiency, lightweight design, and affordability when compared to inflatable campervan awning alternatives. Our Low drive-away awnings feature a connection height of 180-210cm, making them the perfect fit for VW Transporters, ensuring a hassle-free and stylish camping experience.

    Poled Drive Away Awnings

    Our Range of poled drive away awnings feature trusted brands like Vango and Outdoor Revolution. A poled drive away awning is a versatile accessory designed to extend your campervan's living space while allowing you the freedom to detach and drive away without dismantling the entire structure.

    What is a Poled Drive Away Awning?

    A poled drive away awning is an extension to your campervan that uses traditional poles for support. These awnings are known for their stability and simplicity, offering campers a practical solution to enhance their outdoor living space. WM Camping's range includes poled drive away awnings that cater to various campervan models, providing campers with a reliable and flexible solution for their adventures.

    Quick and Easy Setup

    One of the key advantages of poled drive away awnings is their quick and easy setup. WM Camping understands the importance of efficiency in camping, and our range of poled awnings allows campers to spend less time on assembly and more time enjoying the outdoors. With straightforward pole systems, these awnings can be erected efficiently in under 20 minutes, ensuring a hassle-free camping experience.

    Best Brands for Poled Drive Away Awnings - Vango and Outdoor Revolution

    WM Camping proudly features poled drive away awnings from reputable brands, with a focus on Vango and Outdoor Revolution. These brands are recognised for their commitment to quality and innovation in outdoor equipment. By offering products from these industry leaders, WM Camping ensures that campers have access to the best poled drive away awnings, combining durability and functionality.

    Drive Away Awning Explained

    A drive away awning is an awning that attaches to your campervan and can be left freestanding when you want to explore the surroundings. The "drive away" feature allows campers to detach the awning from the campervan without disassembling the entire structure, providing the flexibility to use the campervan independently.

    Can you sleep in a drive away Awning?

    Yes, you can sleep in a motorhome awning with the addition of an optional extra inner tent. WMCamping offers compatible inner tents for our poled drive away awnings, providing campers with the convenience of extra sleeping space. This option enhances the versatility of the awning, allowing it to serve as a comfortable sleeping area for a more comprehensive camping experience.