Low and Mid Size VW Campervan Awnings from Vango, Outdoor Revolution and Kampa

VW Campervan Awnings

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    If you're looking for an awning specially designed for your VW campervan, you've come to the right place. We offer one of the best selections of VW campervan awnings on the market, so you're sure to find the perfect fit for your beloved camper.

    At WM Camping, we stock an extensive range of VW van awnings, including options that are made to seamlessly fit VW T4s, T5s, and T6s in various sizes and style options. 

    Our selection includes options from industry-leading outdoor brands, such as Vango, Outdoor Revolution and Kampa. No matter your unique needs, we're confident that we have an awning to satisfy them.

    Shop our extensive range of VW camper awnings at WM Camping today and take advantage of our free UK mainland delivery on orders over £100. 

    18 products

    What Are VW Campervan Awnings?

    VW campervan awnings are basically a tent that you can attach to your VW campervan. The awnings give you extra room for storage, dining, relaxing in and can even be used to sleep in.

    The drive away aspect of drive-away awnings is very handy, especially if you are doing day trips. It means you can quickly detach it when you're ready to go off exploring and then attach it back on when you get back, saving your pitch on the campsite.

    Why Buy a VW Campervan Awning?

    Now, you might be wondering why you should get one of our VW campervan awnings. Well, let's talk about that:

    1. Easy Setup: Our VW campervan awnings are simple to set up and take down. It usually only takes a few minutes for each, which means less trouble and more relaxation on your camping trip.
    2. Freedom to Move: You don't need to take down your VW campervan awning every time you want to go somewhere. Just dismantle from your VW campervan, go on your trip, and when you come back, simply re-attach it.
    3. Extra Space: With a VW campervan awning, you've got more room to use as you like during your camping adventure. Some campers use it for more space to put things, while others make a comfy place to sit.
    4. Weather Protection: Ever been stuck in bad weather while camping? Your awning gives you extra space and keeps you protected from bad weather.
    5. Sunshade: Even on sunny days, it's nice to have some shade. A VW campervan awning keeps you cool and safe from the strong sun.

    Which Brands Make VW Campervan Awnings?

    At WM Camping, we have awnings from different brands:

    • Vango: They make fantastic awnings for campers and caravans and are generally known as the market leaders in this market.
    • Outdoor revolution: Another trusted brand with reliable VW campervan awnings.
    • Kampa: Known for their outdoor gear, Kampa also has a range of awnings.

    How Much Do Awnings for VW Campervans Cost?

    The cost of a VW campervan awning depends on the type of one you pick and what it can do. In our range, you'll find different options, including different sizes, shapes and types of canvas. Obviously the bigger and better the fabric the more expensive it will be.

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