Vango Lismore 450 4 Person Poled tent by Mountains

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Family Tents

Our family tents are spacious and comfortable, providing ample room for families or groups of friends on their camping adventures. With features like multiple bedrooms, living areas, and plenty of storage space, these tents are perfect for longer camping trips or family vacations.

Choose from our range of top-quality family tents from leading brands like Outwell, Kampa, and Vango, and enjoy your next camping experience with all the comfort and convenience you need.

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Inflatable/Air Tents

Our inflatable tents offer quick and easy set-up, thanks to their innovative air frame technology. With no need for traditional poles, these tents can be set up in just minutes, providing a hassle-free camping experience. Made from high-quality materials and featuring waterproof fabrics, our inflatable tents are durable and designed to withstand the elements.

Choose from our range of top-quality inflatable tents from leading brands like Outdoor Revolution, Outwell, Kampa and Vango, and enjoy your next camping holiday with ease and comfort.

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Back Packing Tents

Our backpacking tents are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for hikers and adventurers on the go. With easy set-up and durable materials, these tents are designed to withstand the rigors of the trail, while still providing a comfortable and safe place to sleep.

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Weekend Tents

Our weekend tents are perfect for short camping trips or festivals, offering easy set-up and compact storage when not in use. With features like spacious sleeping areas and weatherproof fabrics, these tents are designed to provide comfort and protection for a weekend away.

Choose from our range of top-quality weekend tents from leading brands like Outwell, Kampa, Easy Camp and Vango, and enjoy your next adventure with ease and convenience.

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Utility Tents and Shelters

Our utility tents and shelters are versatile and practical, providing additional space for storage, cooking, or shelter from the elements. Perfect for outdoor activities, events, or camping trips, our selection includes a range of high-quality options.

Choose the perfect utility tent or shelter to suit your needs and enjoy your next outdoor adventure with all the extra space and protection you need.

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Adventure/Festival Tents

Ideal for multi-stop holidays, these tents are a simple to set up and take down, and they pack down compactly. Our diverse range features reputable brands like Vango and Easy Camp.

These tents are designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring comfort during your camping adventures.

Coupled with quick and effortless pitching, this range is custom-made for the ultimate touring experience.

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Poled Tents

Poled tents provide a classic camping experience with their easy setup and reliable shelter, making them suitable for various outdoor adventures.

WM Camping proudly offers a wide range of high-quality poled tents from trusted brands.

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