Blue Diamond Screw Pegs Pro case of 20

Blue Diamond Screw Pegs Pro (case of 20)

Blue Diamond Screw Pegs Pro (case of 20)

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Simplify your awning pitching process with Blue Diamond's Screw Peg Drill-In Pegs. These innovative pegs are compatible with cordless drills, eliminating the need for manual force and maximizing efficiency.

Effortless Installation with Cordless Drill

The ingenious screw-in design allows you to easily drive the pegs into the ground using a cordless drill, reducing the physical effort required during awning setup. This feature is particularly beneficial for those seeking a more convenient and ergonomic pitching experience.

Unparalleled Holding Power and Grip

Each peg features a tapered steel spike with a corkscrewed shaft, ensuring exceptional holding power and grip on even the most challenging surfaces. Whether you're pitching your awning on hard-standing or stony ground, these pegs provide unwavering stability.

Heavy-Duty Plastic Head for Secure Guyline Anchoring

The heavy-duty plastic peg heads are ergonomically designed to firmly secure guylines, preventing your awning from collapsing or shifting in adverse weather conditions. The robust plastic material ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

Protective Storage Case for Convenience

All twenty pegs are securely stored in a robust plastic case, safeguarding them from dirt, damage, and moisture. This convenient case facilitates easy transportation to and from the campsite.

Technical Specifications:

  • Bolt Head Diameter: 13mm
  • Material: Steel / Plastic
  • Colour: Silver / Black
  • Case Quantity: 20
  • Peg Length: 20cm
  • Net/Gross Weight: 1.54kg