Easy Camp Tour Cook Set
Easy Camp Tour Cook Set
Easy Camp Tour Cook Set

Easy Camp Tour Cook Set

Easy Camp Tour Cook Set

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The Easy Camp Tour Cook Set is a practical and efficient solution for campers who need reliable and compact cooking equipment. Made from durable stainless steel and designed with user-friendly features, this cook set ensures that you can prepare meals easily, whether you are camping, campervanning, or enjoying a day at the beach hut.

Design and Construction

Material and Durability

The Easy Camp Tour Cook Set is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, offering durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. This material ensures that the cookware can withstand the rigours of outdoor use while remaining easy to clean and maintain.

Size and Dimensions

The cook set includes two pots and one pan:

  • Large Pot: 7 x 18.7 cm (HxDia.), base dia. 16 cm
  • Small Pot: 6 x 16.7 cm (HxDia.), base dia. 14 cm
  • Pan: 18.5 x 18 x 3.5 cm (WxDxH), base size: 16.5 cm

These sizes are ideal for preparing various meals, from boiling water and cooking pasta to frying and sautéing.

Compact and Portable

The entire set packs together neatly, with a pack size of 10 x 18.5 cm (HxDia.) and a total weight of 655 g. This compact design makes it easy to store and transport, fitting conveniently in your camping gear without taking up too much space.


Foldable Handles

The pots and pan is equipped with foldable handles, which enhance their portability and storage efficiency. When folded, the handles take up less space, making the cookware more compact for packing. The handles are designed for stability and ease of use, allowing you to handle hot cookware safely.

Protective Silicone Covers

The stainless steel handles feature protective silicone covers, which provide a comfortable grip and protect your hands from heat. This added safety feature ensures you can cook comfortably without the risk of burns.

Versatile Cooking

The Easy Camp Tour Cook Set is suitable for all heat sources, including gas stoves, campfires, and portable camping stoves. This versatility allows you to use the cook set in various outdoor settings, making it a reliable choice for any camping trip.


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Large Pot Size: 7 x 18.7 cm (HxDia.), base dia. 16 cm
  • Small Pot Size: 6 x 16.7 cm (HxDia.), base dia. 14 cm
  • Pan Size: 18.5 x 18 x 3.5 cm (WxDxH), base size: 16.5 cm
  • Pack Size: 10 x 18.5 cm (HxDia.)
  • Weight: 655 g
  • Content: 2 pots (1 L / 1.5 L), 1 pan 18 cm
  • Item Number: 680233


Easy to Clean

The stainless steel construction of the Easy Camp Tour Cook Set makes it easy to clean after use. Stainless steel is non-reactive and does not retain odours or flavours, ensuring your cookware remains hygienic and ready for the next meal.

Durability and Longevity

Thanks to its robust stainless steel build, the cook set is designed to last, providing reliable performance over many camping trips. The material's resistance to scratches and dents ensures that the cookware maintains its appearance and functionality over time.

Efficient Storage and Transport

The ability to pack the set together neatly and the inclusion of foldable handles make the Easy Camp Tour Cook Set highly portable. Its compact size and lightweight design are ideal for campers who need to minimize the bulk and weight of their gear.