Outwell Tea Break Kettle L

Outwell Tea Break Kettle L

Outwell Tea Break Kettle L

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The Outwell Tea Break Kettle L is an essential addition to your camping gear, offering a generous capacity and a range of features for a delightful outdoor tea or coffee break at any time of day.

Spacious Design: With a voluminous 2.2 liters of capacity, the Tea Break Kettle L is ideal for camping groups who enjoy larger servings of hot beverages. It ensures there's enough hot water to go around, whether you're brewing tea, coffee, or preparing meals.

Practical Handle and Spout: The kettle is equipped with a low-profile, heat-resistant handle, making it safe and comfortable to carry, even when its contents are hot. A convenient button mechanism opens and closes the pouring spout with ease, preventing spills and ensuring efficient use.

Durable Stainless Steel Build: Constructed from stainless steel, this kettle is designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor adventures. Its durability ensures it will be a reliable camping companion on multiple camping holidays.

Whistle Feature: The Tea Break Kettle L features a whistle that alerts you when your water is ready.

Removable Lid: The removable lid simplifies the process of filling and cleaning the kettle, ensuring convenience during your outdoor kitchen routines.

Specifications Outwell Tea Break Kettle L

Material - Stainless steel
Size - 16 x 19 cm (HxDia.)
Volume - 2.2 L


Features Outwell Tea Break Kettle L

  • Removable lid
  • Easy pouring
  • Whistle
  • Stainless steel
  • Comfortable handle