Vango Comfort 7.5cm Double

Vango Comfort 7.5cm Double

Vango Comfort 7.5cm Double

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Get a great night's sleep outdoors without the hassle of pumping up an airbed. The Vango Comfort 7.5 Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat has an easy operation valve for quick inflation and deflation.

The sumptuous Vango Comfort range of self-inflating mats offers fantastic comfort and convenience.  Self-inflating mats are fast becoming the preferred way to create a bed whilst camping due to their ease of inflation and toughness compared to traditional airbeds.

The Vango Comfort Double 7.5 is a comfy self-inflating mat that is absolutely perfect for family camping use. This mat has a 7.5cm deep laminated open cell foam with a soft brushed polyester flock on the top and a robust 75D non-slip polyester underneath.

To inflate the Comfort Double 7.5 simply undo the valve and air will stream into the mat and expand the foam and then tighten the valve.  To deflate, open the valve and roll the mat tightly towards the valve to squeeze the air out and then tighten the valve.

This top quality self-inflating mat comes complete with a stuffsac for easy storage and transportation and a repair kit in the unlikely event of any damage.

The Comfort 7.5 Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat from Vango offers comfort and insulation. It has a soft brushed fabric on the top surface and the 75 denier polyester base fabric is non-slip. 

  • Brushed fabric on top surface - comfortable and soft.
  • 75 denier polyester base fabric - non-slip.
  • 7.5cm of insulating foam - for warmth and comfort.
  • Easy operation valve - for quick inflation and deflation.
  • Repair kit included - easily fix any punctures.
  • Carry bag and securing straps included - for easy storage and transportation.
  • Weight: 5.47kg
  • Packsize: 68.0 x ø32.0cm
  • Sleeping Mat Size: Double
  • Length: 200.0cm
  • Width: 130.0cm
  • Height: 7.5cm
  • Comfort: 3 Plus
  • Warmth: 13