Designed for cooking whilst hiking and trekking in the mountains. Compact, light and easy to use; the compact gas stove is perfect for your smaller expeditions. The burner baffles reduce the effect of wind on the flame, making this the perfect compact stove to take on your next adventure.  It is easy to operate and its compact, foldaway design makes it great for hikers because it can easily be stored in a rucksack.

  • Power 3000W
  • Boils 1L of water in 4 minutes
  • Burner baffles - Reduces effect of wind on flame
  • Foldable to Compact Size - Easy storage and transport
  • Storage box
  • Gas canisters - Screw on butane propane mix
  • Approximate burn times: 110g - 30mins, 230g - 65mins, 450g - 125mins
  • Weight0.102kg
Vango Compact Gas Stove