Vango Cragmor 500 Poled Tent 2024
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Vango Cragmor 500 Poled Tent pitched near trees with door open
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Vango Cragmor 500 Poled Tent 2024

Vango Cragmor 500 Poled Tent 2024

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  • Colour Coded Poles
  • Linked-in Groundsheet
  • Bedroom Pockets


The Cragmor 500 boasts the Sentinel Fabric, meticulously designed for optimal performance while keeping pack size and weight to a minimum. With a waterproof rating of 3,000mm HH and ColourLok Eco technology, it ensures durability, colour retention, and protection against UV light. The handled carry bag simplifies transportation to and from the campsite.


Crafted with Vango PowerFlex® Fibreglass Poles, the Cragmor creates a strong, light, and reliable structure. The adjustable pegging system and TBS®II Tension Band System enhance stability on uneven surfaces and in adverse conditions.

Living Area

The front porch area with diamond-clear windows, maximising natural light during the day. The fully taped seams and high-visibility guylines ensure a watertight seal and easy identification in low-light conditions. 


Experience Lights-Out Bedrooms for a restful sleep, complemented by convenient bedroom pockets for essentials. The Queen Size Bedrooms provide a generous 60cm sleeping area per person, and the linked-in groundsheet offers easy cleaning and detachment when needed.

Key Product Features

  • Packsize: L70.0 x H27.0 x W27.0cm
  • Pitching Time: Approximately 12 mins
  • Capacity: Ideal for 5 people, providing lots of room to move around
  • Weight: 10.3kg
  • Sentinel Fabric: Waterproof, durable, and colour-retentive with a 3,000mm HH rating
  • PowerFlex® Fibreglass Poles: Strong, light, and reliable for easy setup
  • Lights-Out Bedrooms: Facilitate a better night's sleep with reduced early morning light
  • Linked-In Groundsheet: Easy to clean, attach or detach as needed
  • Handled Carry Bag: Provides easy transportation to and from the campsite
  • Adjustable Pegging System: Allows the tent to be pitched perfectly on uneven surfaces
  • Diamond Clear Windows: Maximise light and visibility for a bright and airy environment


PACKSIZE - L70.0 x H27.0 x W27.0cm


LENGTH - 390.0cm

HEIGHT - 195.0cm

WIDTH - 315.0cm

CAPACITY - 5 Person Tent

Vango PowerFlex® Fibreglass Poles
Engineered for robust, lightweight, and dependable structures

Diamond Clear Windows
Optimize natural light and visibility, creating a vibrant and open atmosphere

Fire Retardant Fabrics
Adheres to European EN5912 safety standards for enhanced safety

Fully Wind and Rain Tested
Rigorously tested to EN ISO 5912 standards, ensuring reliability in various weather conditions. Suitable for occasional and weekend camping in wet weather; caution is advised during storms and extreme conditions.

Lantern Hanging Points
Strategically positioned for convenient attachment of your lighting

Waterproof PE Groundsheet
Durable and robust fabric designed to withstand the demands of active campers

Sentinel Fabric
Specifically crafted for optimal pack size and weight, the Sentinel Fabric excels in strength and durability. It incorporates ColourLok technology for extended longevity and boasts a waterproof rating of 3,000mm HH, ensuring exceptional quality and performance in a compact form.

ColourLok Eco
Utilizes ColourLok Eco technology to enhance color retention and UV protection, employing up to 60% less water in the dyeing process.

Lights-Out Bedrooms
Minimize early morning light for a sleep pattern not dictated by the sunrise

Vango PowerFlex® Fibreglass Poles
Crafted to create sturdy, lightweight, and reliable tent structures

Adjustable Pegging System
Facilitates perfect tent pitching on uneven surfaces

Bedroom Pockets
Conveniently placed pockets for easy storage of essentials

Colour Coded Poles
Streamlines the pitching process with color-coded poles

Diamond Clear Windows
Maximize light and visibility for an illuminated and spacious environment

Fire Retardant Fabrics
Compliant with European EN5912 safety standards

Fully Taped Seams
All flysheet seams meticulously factory taped for a watertight seal

Fully Wind and Rain Tested
Tested to standard EN ISO 5912, ensuring suitability for wet weather camping. Exercise caution in storms and extreme conditions.

Handled Carry Bag
Designed for easy transportation to and from the campsite

High Visibility Guylines
Strong and visible in low light, transitioning to bright orange to enhance visibility

Lantern Hanging Points
Strategically positioned for convenient attachment of your lighting

Large Mesh Vents on Inner
Promotes ventilation, cooling the tent in warm conditions and reducing condensation

Linked-In Groundsheet
A detachable, easy-to-clean groundsheet for the living area. Can be rolled under the bedroom area when not needed.

Queen Size Bedrooms
Generous 60cm sleeping area per person for ample space to sleep and store essentials

Waterproof PE Groundsheet
Sturdy and resilient fabric for durability against the rigors of active camping

TBS®II Tension Band System
Ensures optimal tent performance in adverse conditions, especially strong and changeable winds. Adjust TBS®II to remove slack, and store away in calm weather. Patented EP1905927.

Mesh Door
Integrated mesh panel in the living room door for enhanced airflow while keeping bugs out.



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