Vango Midge 180 Light

Vango Midge 180 Light
Vango Midge 180 Light
Vango Midge 180 Light

Vango Midge 180 Light

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The Vango Midge 180 Light is your essential companion for bug-free outdoor adventures. Compact and efficient, this innovative LED lantern combines illumination with insect control, allowing you to enjoy your evenings outdoors without the nuisance of pesky bugs.

Insect Control: Featuring a unique UV light, the Vango Midge 180 attracts insects, ensuring they don't interrupt your outdoor experience. With its integrated insect zapper, the lantern efficiently extinguishes them, creating a comfortable bug-free environment.

Compact and Water-Resistant: This lantern is designed for portability with dimensions of L10.0 x H13.5 x W9.5cm and a total weight of just 0.21kg. Its IPX6 water-resistant rating ensures it can withstand heavy sprays of water, making it reliable in various weather conditions.

Versatile Hanging Hook: Equipped with a hanging hook, the Vango Midge 180 is easy to attach, providing flexibility in your use. Hang it from your tent, a tree branch, or any suitable spot to illuminate your surroundings.

Light Settings: This lantern offers three light settings, providing the perfect illumination for your needs - 180, 90, and 30 lumens. Whether you need bright light to read a book or a softer glow for a relaxed evening, the Vango Midge 180 has you covered.

Rechargeable and Long-Lasting: The Vango Midge 180 features a 3.7V 2000mAh rechargeable battery, offering you extended usage time. With a 4-hour charge time, it can run for 4, 8, or even 20 hours, depending on your chosen light setting. This ensures you have uninterrupted lighting throughout your outdoor activities.

Insect Zapper: The built-in insect zapper covers a 5-meter square range and runs for up to 30 hours. This added feature is your defence against insects, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in peace.

The Vango Midge 180 Light is a practical, compact, and versatile solution for outdoor enthusiasts. With its dual functionality as an LED lantern and insect control device, this light guarantees enjoyable, bug-free evenings under the open sky. So, leave your insect worries behind and make the most of your outdoor experiences with this innovative lantern.

PACKSIZE L10.0 x H13.5 x W9.5cm



  • IPX6 Water-Resistant - Resistant to high-pressure, heavy sprays of water
  • Hanging Hook 
  • UV Light - Insects are drawn to the UV light to let you relax without bugs getting in the way
  • LED Light, 180 Lumens
  • 3.7V 2000mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 3 Light Settings - 180, 90 and 30 lumens
  • Charge Time - 4 hours for full charge
  • Run Time - 4, 8 and 20 hours
  • Insect Zapper - 30 hours runtime with a 5m square range