Vango Tiree 500 Tent
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent Floorplan
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent External features
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent Internal features
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent Front Porch
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent Front Door Open
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent Side View
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent Front door closed
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent Front view door closed
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent Side View
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent Rear Ventilation Panel
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent Front door mesh panel
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent Rear upper Ventilation Panel
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent Rear Lower Ventilation Panel
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent Rear view
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent Colourlok Technology
Vango Tiree 500 Poled Tent Sentinel Canvas

Vango Tiree 500 Tent

Vango Tiree 500 Tent

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The Vango Tiree 500 Tent is a 5-man tunnel tent designed for small families, couples, and friends seeking a versatile and comfortable poled tent.
  • Pitching Time - 12 Minutes
  • Linked-in Groundsheet
  • Pack Size - 75x25x25cm

The Tiree 500 features a front porch area and luxurious queen-size Midnight bedrooms, making it perfect for weekend camps, festivals, or any outdoor adventure. With zipped mesh panels, linked-in groundsheet, and advanced features, this tent is well-suited for camping in warm climates.

Vango's Sentinel Fabric is specifically designed for optimal pack size and weight considerations. This strong and durable fabric incorporates Vango's ColourLok Eco technology, offering increased colour retention and UV protection while minimizing water usage during the dying process. The tent's waterproof PE groundsheet, fully taped seams, and Vango PowerFlex Fibreglass Poles ensure exceptional quality and performance, with a 3,000mm HH waterproof rating.

Equipped with innovative features, including the TBS®II Tension Band System, Vango AirZone ventilation, and Clear Access Bedrooms, the Tiree 500 is designed to perform in various conditions. The high and low-level ventilation panels provide a comfortable airflow, reducing condensation within the tent. The tent's easy-pack carry bag, featuring an oversized design for convenience, is made from extra material, ensuring 50% more volume.

The Tiree 500 boasts Queen Size Bedrooms, offering a generous 60cm sleeping area per person, providing ample room for a comfortable night's sleep and storage of essentials. The Midnight Bedrooms is a darkened fabric that enhances the overall sleeping experience. The tent's adjustable pegging system and high visibility guylines contribute to easy setup and safety, even in low light conditions.

With a pitching time of just 12 minutes, the Vango Tiree 500 Tent is your ideal tent for weekends away, festivals and longer stays, offering spacious accommodation, innovative features, and reliable performance. Weather-tested to standard EN ISO 5912 and meeting European EN5912 safety standards, this tent ensures peace of mind during your camping holiday, making it suitable for occasional and weekend camping.

Pitching Time: 12 mins

Capacity: 5 persons

Colour: Mineral Green

Fabric: Sentinel Experience Fabric

ColourLok Eco
Vango's innovative ColourLok Eco technology enhances colour retention and UV protection, all while contributing to environmental sustainability by using up to 60% less water in the dyeing process.

Sentinel Fabric
For those prioritising pack size and weight, Vango's Sentinel Fabric is a fantastic choice. Strong, durable, and incorporating ColourLok technology, it ensures superior longevity. With a waterproof rating of 3,000mm HH, it delivers exceptional quality and performance in a compact package.

Vango PowerFlex® Fibreglass Poles
Crafting strong, lightweight, and reliable structures, Vango's PowerFlex® Fibreglass Poles contribute to the tent's overall durability and stability.

Fully Wind and Rain Tested
Rest assured knowing that your tent has undergone rigorous weather testing to standard EN ISO 5912. Suitable for wet weather, occasional and weekend camping, though extreme conditions, such as storms, should be avoided.

Fire Retardant Fabrics
Safety first. Vango's fabrics meet the European EN5912 safety standard for fire retardancy, providing an additional layer of protection.

Mesh Door
The living room door comes equipped with an integrated mesh panel, promoting airflow while keeping unwanted bugs at bay.

Easy Pack Carry Bag
Streamline your camping experience with our oversized carry bag. Constructed from 15% more material and offering 50% more volume, it simplifies the packing process.

TBS®II Tension Band System
Ensure your tent performs flawlessly in adverse conditions, particularly in strong, changeable winds. The TBS®II system, when tensioned, braces the pole at three points, reducing sideways movement. Easily adjusted and stowed away in calm weather.

Vango AirZone
Experience superior ventilation with high and low-level panels that facilitate a comfortable airflow, crucial for minimising condensation within the tent.

Waterproof PE Groundsheet
Stand up to the rigors of active camping with our robust and hardwearing waterproof PE groundsheet, providing reliable protection against the elements.

Linked-In Groundsheet
Effortlessly link the groundsheet to the tent for comprehensive weather and bug protection, or roll it away if needed.

Fully Taped Seams
Rest easy knowing that all flysheet seams are factory taped, ensuring a watertight seal and keeping you dry during unexpected downpours.

Diamond Clear Windows
Maximise natural light with clear windows, providing a bright and airy environment within the tent.

Toggled Privacy Curtains
Enjoy flexible privacy options with easy-to-use toggled curtains, effortlessly rolled away when not in use.

Clear Access Bedrooms
Experience easier access with a wider opening and no step-over into the bedrooms.

Toggled Inner Divider
Tailor your sleeping arrangements with a toggled inner divider, allowing you to create more privacy or remove it for a master bedroom setup.

Bedroom Pockets
Conveniently store essentials with strategically positioned pockets within the sleeping area.

Lantern Hanging Points
Illuminate your tent with ease, thanks to conveniently positioned lantern hanging points.

Adjustable Pegging System
Pitch your tent perfectly on uneven surfaces with our adjustable pegging system.

Queen Size Bedrooms
Indulge in spacious sleeping quarters, offering a generous 60cm sleeping area per person, providing ample room for rest and essential storage.

Adjustable Rear Ventilation
Customise your tent's airflow with a mesh panel featuring an adjustable cover at the rear.

High Visibility Guylines
Navigate with confidence in low light conditions, thanks to our strong and easily visible guylines that transition to bright orange for enhanced visibility.

Midnight Bedrooms
Experience a restful night's sleep with premium darkened fabric used in the bedrooms, ensuring optimal comfort.



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