How To Fix A Fibreglass Tent Pole

Jan 27, 2022

You might think that a broken tent pole spells disaster for your camping trip.

Don’t panic!  A broken fibreglass tent pole needn’t result in you cancelling your camping trip or ending your holiday early and you definitely don’t need to buy a new tent because of it. 

All you need to get back outdoors is some replacement tent poles and a little instruction on how to replace them, which we’ll give you here, and you’ll be on your way again in no time!

Read our easy guide on how to fix broken fibreglass tent poles


  • A set of replacement fibreglass tent poles the same diameter as the rest of the poles you have.
  • A small hacksaw – to cut the poles
  • Duct tape – to put round the poles whilst you’re cutting
  • Sandpaper – to smooth the edges


Every tent pole is made up of several ‘sections’ of fibreglass poles and an elasticated cord (sometimes referred to as a shock cord) that runs through the middle of every section linking them all together and knotted at the end.

  1. Measure the section that is to be replaced (Usually, the new sections longer than needed, so you may need to cut the new pole down to size)
  2. Cut the new section (if needed) to the same length as the pole you are replacing using a small hacksaw. We recommend putting duct tape around the pole and then cut through it to hold the pole in place and prevent splinters.  Then remove the duct tape and sand around the edges until smooth.
  3. Lay your damaged pole out on the floor and untie (or cut) the knot at one of the ends – remember to keep a hold of the shock cord.
  4. Remove the sections (keeping them in order) until you reach the section that needs to be replaced.
  5. Take out the damaged pole and replace with the new pole
  6. Re-thread the shock cord through the sections and tie a large knot at the end making sure the cord it taught.


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