What is The Patch on the Bottom of your Tent Groundsheet?

Jul 21, 2023

Patch at the bottom of tent groundsheet

Why does my brand new tent groundsheet have a patch? Is a common question we often receive at WM Camping. This patch can sometimes be mistaken for a repair, leading campers to worry about the quality of their purchase. However, let us assure you, it's meant to be there! In fact, this patch serves a crucial purpose in preventing water from seeping into the tent from underneath.

The Secret Behind the Patch

The explanation is quite simple. The inner tents, where you sleep, are clipped into the groundsheet to provide extra stability and security. During the manufacturing process, a hole is deliberately made in the groundsheet to accommodate these clips. But don't worry; the hole is then skilfully patched from the underside of the tent to ensure a waterproof seal, keeping you dry and comfortable inside. Moreover, the patch also acts as a strengthener for the inner tent clips, preventing them from detaching.

What About the Tape Coming off the Patch?

Fear not, this is nothing out of the ordinary. When the groundsheet patch is applied, an excess of material is used to secure it in place effectively. Consequently, you might notice a bit of tape sticking out. It's completely normal, and if it bothers you, you can easily trim it away for a tidier look.

So, now that you know the story behind the mysterious patch, you can rest assured that your new tent is designed with careful attention to detail. Get ready for some fantastic camping adventures, knowing your tent is equipped to keep you dry and cosy in any weather! Happy camping!