Replacing an Airbeam

Imagine yourself in the midst of nature, ready to embark on an exciting camping adventure with your trusty tent or awning. But, occasionally, unexpected challenges arise, like a leaking Vango Airbeam tube. While it's a rare occurrence, being prepared is essential. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of identifying a leak, ensuring you have a spare tube, and replacing a faulty Airbeam. Vango, a brand known for quality, offers a solution backed by a warranty to guarantee your outdoor experiences remain memorable. So, let's delve into the world of Airbeams and how to manage them effectively.

Is Your Beam Actually Defective?

A leaking AirBeam can put a dampener on your camping excitement, but before diving into replacement, it's vital to ensure that your tube is truly defective. Here are a few steps to consider:

  1. Valve Cap Check: Examine the cap covering the valve. Sometimes, a simple oversight like not properly securing the cap can lead to air leakage. Ensure it's tightly closed.
  2. Pressure Points: Carefully inspect the beam for any kinks or pressure points. External factors like folding or positioning could inadvertently apply pressure, causing the beam to release air.

Securing a Spare Air Tube

Vango offers a peace-of-mind solution by suggesting a spare air tube for your camping gear. This precautionary measure can save your camping trip from unexpected hiccups. Reach out to your retailer to determine the specific Airbeam tube you need for your equipment. Remember, all Vango tubes come with a 2-year warranty, which can be extended to 3 years via Vango's website post-purchase. Ensuring you're well-prepared with a spare tube can make a world of difference in the great outdoors.

Replacing a Faulty Airbeam: Step-by-Step

When the need arises to replace a malfunctioning Airbeam, fear not. Here's a step-by-step breakdown to guide you through the process:

  1. Begin by fully unzipping the outer sleeve of the AirBeam® to access the inner beam. Remove the inner beam from the sleeve.
  2. Unzip the sleeve of the inner beam to completely detach the airspeed tube.
  3. If needed, you have the option to repair the inner tube using the provided kit from your tent. Alternatively, you can choose to replace the inner tube with a new one.
  4. If opting for a new inner tube replacement: Zip the inner sleeve closed and position the beam back inside the tent. Close the zip of the outer sleeve as well.
  5. Proceed to fully inflate the new AirBeam® up to a pressure of 7psi.

When you're camping, being well-prepared is key. While encountering a leaking Airbeam is extremely rare, knowing how to address the situation is vital for a seamless camping experience.

Vango's dedication to quality, backed by a warranty, provides peace of mind to explorers like you. Armed with the knowledge of identifying leaks, the importance of spare tubes, and the process of replacing a defective Airbeam, you're ready to tackle any challenge that nature might throw your way. So, equip yourself with the right information and continue embracing the wonders of the great outdoors.