Outdoor Revolution 25m Caravan Mains Extension Lead

Outdoor Revolution 25m Caravan Mains Extension Lead

Outdoor Revolution 25m Caravan Mains Extension Lead

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Enhance your caravanning experience and enjoy uninterrupted power with the Outdoor Revolution Caravan Mains Extension Lead. This versatile extension lead boasts an impressive length of 25 metres, providing ample reach to connect your caravan to a power source, even if it's parked a considerable distance from the mains outlet.

Built for Durability and Efficiency:

Constructed with a heavy-duty 2.5mm core, this extension lead is designed to withstand the demands of powering a caravan. The robust design ensures a continuous supply of electricity, catering to your caravan's power requirements.

Enhanced Visibility for Effortless Connection:

The high-visibility orange cable makes it easy to locate the extension lead, even in low-light conditions. This feature ensures seamless connection whenever you need to power up your caravan.

Seamless Connection with Standard Plugs:

The 3-pin mains plug and coupler sockets ensure a secure connection between your caravan's power supply and the extension lead. 

Certified for Safety and Peace of Mind:

This extension lead adheres to CE and UKCA safety standards, ensuring its reliability and compliance with stringent safety regulations. You can power your caravan confidently, knowing you're using a product that prioritises safety.

Flexible Usage for Outdoor Adventures:

While primarily designed for caravanning, this extension lead's versatility extends beyond recreational use. It can also be employed for general outdoor activities, garage applications, marine environments, and generator connections.

Technical Specifications:

    • Total Weight: 4.4kg
    • Pack Size: 30cm x 30cm x 8cm