Vango Family Cutlery Set
Vango Family Cutlery Set

Vango Family Cutlery Set

Vango Family Cutlery Set

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The Vango Family Cutlery Set is your solution to keeping cutlery clean, organized, and readily available during your family camping trips. Packed conveniently in a storage pouch, this 12-piece stainless steel cutlery collection ensures you have the right cutlery for your outdoor dining needs.

Convenient and Organized Dining: This cutlery set is designed for convenience. Keep your cutlery clean and organised in the handy storage pouch when not in use. No more searching for cutlery or worrying about cleanliness during your outdoor meals.

Complete Set for Family Camping: The Vango Family Cutlery Set includes 4 knives, 4 forks, and 4 spoons, making it ideal for family camping trips. Whether you're enjoying a picnic, a campfire dinner, or a meal at the campsite, this set has you covered.

Durable Stainless Steel: Made from tough and durable stainless steel, this cutlery can withstand the demands of outdoor use. It's built to last, it will last for many family camping adventures.

Practical Specifications:

  • Total Weight: 0.43kg
  • Packsize: L25.0 x H7.0 x W7.0cm
  • Dimensions: Length 44.5cm, Height 24.0cm, Width 1.0cm

Storage Bag for Easy Transportation: The included storage bag not only keeps your cutlery organized but also ensures easy transportation. It's a valuable addition to your camping gear, simplifying your outdoor dining setup.

This set includes:

  • Stainless steel - Tough and durable
  • 4 x knives, 4 x forks, 4 x spoons
  • Storage bag for easy transportation
WEIGHT 0.43kg
PACKSIZE L25.0 x H7.0 x W7.0cm