What is a tent footprint groundsheet and why do I need one?

Jan 15, 2021

A footprint groundsheet is a sheet of tarpaulin that is shaped to fit the bottom of your tent.   

We are always asked "do I need a footprint groundsheet for my tent?  Our answer is always yes.

There are 3 main reasons why we suggest that you always take footprint groundsheet when using your family tent.

  1. MARKS OUT THE PITCH OF YOUR TENT - Footprint groundsheets are shaped to fit your tent so you when you lay it down it marks out the space for your tent to go on. By doing this you have a clear idea where the corners of the tent should go and therefore makes setting up easier.
  2. KEEPS YOUR TENT CLEAN/DRY - A footprint groundsheet will help you keep your family tent clean by adding a protective layer underneath the sewn in groundsheet section of the tent meaning that its the footprint groundsheet that gets dirty and not the tent.  This makes packing away much easier because there is no time-consuming cleaning/drying to be done before you fold your tent away.
  3. PROTECTS THE UNDERSIDE OF YOUR TENT - Most family tents nowadays have fully sewn in groundsheet.  You want to protect the outer canvas as much as possible so why not the sewn-in groundsheet as well?  A footprint groundsheet protects the underside of the from rough ground and stones and therefore can prolong the life of the tent.
  4. ADDS WARMTH - Most heat from a tent is lost through the floor.  A footprint groundsheet provides a extra layer of protection against this loss.
  5. ADD EXTRA WATERPROOFING - The addition of a footprint groundsheet provides a second layer of waterproofed material and so doubles the protective layers.

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