Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning Floorplan
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning Internal features
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning External Features
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning Pitched with people outside
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning Storm Straps
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning Next to Lake
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning rear view
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning Front Porch
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning Side Door
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning Middle door Rolled up
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning Living Area
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning Mesh Ventilation Panel
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning Diamond clear windows
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning Rear ventilation panel
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning AirBeam Technology
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning Door Toggle
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning Side door rolled up
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning Colourlok Technology
Vango Galli Pro Air Low Drive Away Awning Sentinel Eco Pro Canvas

Vango Galli Pro Air Low Awning 2024 (180-210cm)

Vango Galli Pro Air Low Awning 2024 (180-210cm)

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  • Pitching Time: 15 minutes
  • Designed to Fit Motorhomes with an awning rail height of 180-210cm
  • Sentinel Eco Pro Canvas - 420 double ripstop threads with an HH rating of 6,000MM
  • Inflatable Pre-Angled AirBeam Structure
  • Supplied with AirBeam® pump, rock pegs, and carry bag

The Vango Galli Pro Drive Away Awning is a recently updated addition to the Vango Galli family. This high quality drive-away awning has been refreshed to offer a contemporary appearance and improved environmental sustainability, thanks to the use of fabric crafted from recycled plastic bottles. Specifically, 373 bottles have been repurposed to create a robust 420-denier double ripstop weave fabric, enhancing the overall quality of the awning.

Design and Functionality: The Galli Pro showcases a modern look with a darker colour scheme that exudes sophistication. Despite the darker hue, the awning still allows ample natural light through its larger PVC windows. Two-tone guylines have been incorporated to emphasize potential trip hazards while maintaining visual cohesion with the awning's colour scheme. Additionally, front and rear storm straps have been added to enhance stability, particularly in challenging weather conditions.

Front Enclosure Flexibility: One significant enhancement is the redesigned front section, which can now fully enclose the awning or unzip completely to the ground, creating an open canopy-like environment for outdoor activities.

Attachment Height Options: The Galli Pro offers three attachment height options to accommodate various vehicle types. The 'Low' option (180-210cm) suits VW Transporter-type vehicles, while the 'Mid' (215-255cm) is well-suited for larger panel vans and low-line motorhomes. For larger motorhomes, the 'Tall' (255-295cm) option is recommended. It's essential to measure your vehicle's attachment height to ensure compatibility.

Easy Setup: Setting up the Galli Pro is straightforward, making it suitable for both short weekend trips and extended adventures.

Comfort and Convenience: Ventilation is a priority, with low and high ventilation points strategically placed throughout the awning. All doors leading into the main section feature mesh doors to keep insects out, and the two side doors include a practical drop-down lip for easy wheelchair and pushchair access.

Versatile Attachment Options: You can connect the awning to your vehicle using one of four attachment methods: Kador Beading, Throw Over Straps, Velcro tabs for roof racks, or a Sleeve for pole threading and gutter clamping. The two tunnel doors provide convenient access to your vehicle without traversing the entire awning.

Interior Features: Inside, the Galli Pro boasts various amenities, including zip-up curtains, oversized AirBeams, a sewn-in groundsheet, and Vango's SkyTrack System for customizable storage and lighting solutions.

Robust and Sustainable Construction: The Galli Pro is built to withstand the elements with its robust and waterproof design. It features 420 double ripstop threads and an HH rating of 6,000MM. In addition to its durability, the awning is environmentally conscious and made from recycled single-waste plastics as part of Vango's sustainability efforts. It also benefits from ColourLok™ technology to maintain colour vibrancy.

Efficient Portability: When it's time to pack up, the Smart Pack Carry Bag simplifies the process. The bag's front fully drops down, creating a convenient area to roll and compress the awning directly into the bag. The included AirBeam® Pump ensures effortless inflation and comes with a pressure dial and a handy carry bag.

In summary, the Vango Galli Pro Awning represents a notable update that combines contemporary design with enhanced sustainability and outdoor comfort. With its recent improvements, it's a top choice for camping enthusiasts seeking a large, high-quality drive away awning.


PACKSIZE L90.0 x H38.0 x W41.0cm


PITCHING TIME 15 minutes



LENGTH 465.0cm

HEIGHT 210.0cm

WIDTH 320.0cm



Pre-angled Beams - Create more space inside and reinforce against winds effectively.

Side Attachment Advantage - The awning attaches to your van with a side connection, ensuring you always face the view on your journey.

Easy Access Doors - A flat entry door allows easy access for wheelchairs, prams, and people with reduced mobility.

Covered Entryway - Provides sheltered access to your awning, keeping rain from dripping inside.

Zipped Privacy Curtains - Easily use zip curtains for adjustable openings or secure rolling and storage.

Secondary Mesh Doors - Equipped with internal mesh fly screens for bug-free ventilation.

Skylight Windows - Roofline windows enhance interior light during the day and stargazing at night.

Diamond Clear Windows - Maximize light and visibility for a bright and open environment.

Includes Pack of 10 Sky Hooks - Quickly slide onto the SkyTrack® System for hanging storage or lights.

Cable Entry Point - Neatly guide electrical cables into your awning for powering camping appliances.

TBS®II Tension Band System Reliability - Ensures awning stability in adverse conditions, particularly strong, changeable winds. Bands secure the beam or pole at 3 points, preventing sideways movement. Adjust TBS®II to remove slack. It can be stowed in calm weather.

Two Doors in Tunnel Attachment to Vehicle - For convenient access to the front or back of your vehicle.

Tunnel Adjustment Strap Enhancement - Gathers excess material for a neater tunnel appearance and a snugger fit to the vehicle.

Roll Away Connecting Tunnel Convenience - Detach it when you drive away, then roll back and secure upon your return.

Multiple Vehicle Attachment Options - All our awnings come with pre-attached 6mm kador, 8M over vehicle straps, roof bar attachment tabs, and a sleeve for the pole & clamp kit system. This ensures compatibility with any vehicle.

This awning offers various add-ons for extra functionality - Please refer to our additions table for more details.

Fully Wind and Rain Tested - Tested for wind and heavy rainfall, complying with the European standard EN5912.

Steel Rock Pegs Included - Durable pegs for challenging terrain, supplied in a handy carry bag.

Adjustable Pegging Points - Enables precise pitching on uneven surfaces.

SkyTrack® II Flexibility - A versatile hanging system for lighting, storage, or customizing your awning layout. Sky Hooks included.

High Visibility Guylines - Prominent lower half guylines prevent tripping and ensure stability in high winds.

Line-Lok® Guyline Runners Efficiency - Tensioners securely lock guylines, are easy to release, and perform well in all conditions.

Reflective Webbing for Low Light Visibility - Reflects torchlight for easy spotting in dim conditions.

Touring Awning Note - This awning is designed for touring use; it's not intended for static or long-term seasonal setup as extended exposure to UV light may cause fabric wear. UV degradation is not covered under the warranty. However, under regular holiday use, your awning will last a long time.

Ventilation panels promote airflow to reduce condensation.

Pre-Attached Front Canopy Advantage - Offers shelter from all weathers and is ideal for socialising.

Inflatable AirBeam® Structure Expertise - With a decade of experience in AirBeam® technology, Vango lead in pole-free pitching. AirBeam® technology ensures your awning is ready in minutes (supplied with AirBeam® pump).

SuperBeams™ Strength - Larger diameter beams provide additional structure and stability to the awning.

Sewn-in Groundsheet Benefit - Provides a bug and draught-free environment. The groundsheet is attached to the flysheet with an external storm skirt for all-around protection.

Drive Away Convenience - Use a Drive Away Kit to detach the tunnel area from your vehicle, leaving your awning free-standing for your day's adventures. Remember your parking spot for easy reattachment.

Robust, Waterproof, and Eco-friendly - Featuring 420 double ripstop threads with an HH rating of 6,000MM. Made using recycled single-waste plastics to support Vango's sustainability commitment. Benefits from ColourLok™ technology for color retention.

Smart Pack Carry Bag - The bag's front drops down, simplifying rolling and compression.

AirBeam® Pump Accessibility - Included with all AirBeam® tents and awnings, Vango's ergonomic pump makes inflating your AirBeam® product effortless. It comes with a pressure guage and a handy carry bag.



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