Gas Hose Pack

Kampa Gas Hose Pack

Gas Hose Pack

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Gas hose is an essential part of your camping setup.  This Butane/Propane Gas Hose Pack consists of 1 metre of gas hose and 2 hose clips.  This can be used with most camping stoves, gas cookers, gas BBQs and butane or propane gas regulators with 8mm outlets.
The gas hose connect from your gas bottle to your stove, transporting the fuel and allowing you to cook up a fantastic outdoor meal.

Can be used with butane or propane gas regulators
Hose and clips
Conforms to BS3212/2

Gas hose: 1 metre
Connection size: 8mm
Hose clips: 2 x 20mm worm clips
contents: 1 metre long pressure hose and 2 jubilee hose clips