Vango Folding Gas Stove

Vango Folding Stove

Vango Folding Gas Stove

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The Vango Folding Gas Stove is your go-to cooking companion for long expeditions and adventures. This reliable stove ensures that you can prepare delicious, warm meals even in challenging outdoor conditions.

Wide Flame for Efficient Cooking: With a wider flame, this stove allows for faster and more even cooking. You can use larger pots, ensuring that your food is cooked quickly and thoroughly, so you can enjoy a satisfying meal after a long day of trekking or camping.

DofE Recommended Kit: As part of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Recommended Kit, you can trust the quality and performance of this stove for your outdoor endeavours.

Fast Boiling: With a power output of 2600W, this stove can boil 1 litre of water in approximately 5 minutes. Enjoy the convenience of quick and efficient cooking during your treks and camping trips.

Compact and Portable: The foldable design of the Vango Folding Gas Stove makes it easy to store and transport. It's an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts who value portability and convenience.

Stable and Close to Ground: This stove is designed to be stable and close to the ground, making it ideal for use with large pots. You can confidently cook a variety of meals with stability and precision.

Storage Box Included: For organized and hassle-free storage, the stove comes with a storage box that keeps everything neatly in one place.

Gas Canister Compatibility: The stove is compatible with screw-on butane propane mix gas canisters, providing you with options to suit your camping needs.

Approximate Burn Times:

  • 110g canister: 35 minutes
  • 230g canister: 75 minutes
  • 450g canister: 145 minutes


  • Total Weight: 0.22kg
  • Pack Size: L9.5 x H10.5 x W6.0cm
  • Height: 7.0cm
  • Width: 17.0cm
  • DofE Recommended Kit: Yes