Vango Galli Low Poled Awning 2022
Vango Galli Low Poled Awning 2022 Floorplan

Vango Galli Low Poled Awning (180-210cm)

Vango Galli Low Poled Awning (180-210cm)

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The Vango Galli Low Poled Awning is based on the best-selling inflatable awning, the Galli Air Low. The inflatable tubes have been replaced by solid fibreglass poles to minimise and reduce weight.  This makes this awning more touring friendly, but it is also fantastic value as it is around half the price of the air version.  

An obvious reason why the Galli is so popular is its size.  It’s the perfect size for a family and friends to go away camping.  It features a large living area and can comfortably sleep 4 in its inner tents (optional extras). The Galli has good head height throughout thanks to the pre-angled poles so there is plenty of room to be able to stand up and get changed etc.

A great feature of the Vango Galli III Drive Away Air awning is that it is designed so you can park your van alongside the awning rather than at the end making it more suitable for campsite pitches.  Another feature that differentiates from other awnings on the market is the built-in canopy at the front giving you extra space for outdoor living, protection from the sun or rain and a great place to store your camping gear.

The area from the awning to where it attaches to your campervan or Motorhome protects you from the weather when moving from your van to your awning and also gives you storage space where you can put your muddy shoes and wet clothes. There is a door at the front of the tunnel so you don't have to walk through your awning every time you exit or enter your campervan.

Key Features Vango Galli Low Poled Awning

  • Side Attachment
  • Easy Access Doors
  • Covered Entry
  • Toggled Privacy Curtains
  • Mesh Front Door
  • Diamond Clear Windows

Specifications Vango Galli Low Poled Awning

Weight: 16.8kg

Pack Size: L75.0cm x H31.0cm x W31.0cm

Kador Adjustable Height: 180-210cm

Kador Adjustable Length: 240cm

Height: 210.0cm

Length: 465.0cm

Width: 320.0cm

Weight With Accessories: 9.2kg