Best Camping Beds 2021

Jan 15, 2021

A good night’s sleep is essential when on a camping holiday.  Being out in nature is great for reducing stress and anxiety but when camping on hard ground, lumpy grass or having an annoying stone underneath the night can turn into something to endure rather than enjoy.

If you’re new to camping then the range of sleeping equipment can be quite daunting and a sometimes a little overwhelming. We have put together this handy guide to help you choose the right sleeping equipment for you.

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Types of camping beds:

Roll Mats

Roll mats are the most basic of camping beds.  They’re simply a roll of foam that you unroll and put on the floor providing insulation from the cold ground and a bit of comfort.  These are popular for people out trekking or at festivals.

Best Roll Mat – Easy Camp Eva Mat

Easy Camp Eva Mat
The Easy Camp Basic Eva Mat offers offers insulation and basic comfort. It can be rolled up and secured with elasticated bands for carrying and storage.


Self-inflating Mats

Like roll mats in that they unroll and are used directly on the floor the self-inflating mats or sims as they're known, have now become a must have for family campers.  These mats vary in thickness from 5cm-15cm to keep you warm and fold into their own bags.

To inflate simply open the mat’s valve and the air is drawn in to inflate the mattress.

We have a range of Self-inflating mats for al the family ranging from kids to adult sizes.

Best Self-inflating Mat – Vango Shangri-La 15cm Double & Vango Comfort 10cm Grande



Vango Shangri La 15cm Double

The Vango Shangri-La 15cm Double is the ultimate camping mattress.  It has a 15cm thickness when fully inflated making it the closest thing to your mattress at home. 


Vango Comfort 10cm Grande

The Comfort Grande 10cm Self Inflating Mattress from Vango keeps you well insulated from the cold ground underneath whilst providing a wider and very comfortable sleeping surface. 

Camp Beds

Some people don’t like to stoop down to sleep on an air bed or sleeping mat and choose to use a foldaway camp bed instead.  These beds usually foldaway but some of the basic models require building.  Some of the higher beds offer storage underneath that can be a great help when space is at a premium.  They come in single and double sizes and can be made even more comfortable if you add a self-inflating mat on top.

Camp beds are used by many family campers when on their holidays and also as an emergency bed at home.

Best Camp Bed – Kampa Dream Single Camp Bed


Kampa Dream Single Camp Bed

The Kampa Dream Single camp bed is the ideal single camping bed.  It doesn’t require any constructing thanks to its easy opening and folding design. This bed comes with a carry bag.





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