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    Discover the perfect 3-4 man tent for your outdoor adventure at WM Camping. Our 3-4 man tent collection has been designed to feature a diverse range of backpacking technical, weekend, air, and poled tents from leading brands like Vango, Outdoor Revolution, Outwell, Kampa, and Easy Camp. Whether you're a seasoned backpacker or a weekend camper, our collection has something for everyone.

    Explore innovative designs and cutting-edge technology that help you maximise your camping experience, like our inflatable tents that can be pitched in under 10 minutes.

    With over 40 years of experience, WM Camping is your trusted outdoor gear partner. We offer expert advice to help you choose the ideal tent for your needs, along with free delivery on orders over £100. We prioritise quality and value, ensuring you get the best tent for your money. So, browse our huge range of 3-4 man tents from renowned brands, find your perfect match, and embark on unforgettable camping adventures!


    28 products


    For a group of four people, a tent with a capacity for at least 6 people is often recommended to ensure sufficient space for comfort and storage. This allows room for sleeping arrangements and extra space for belongings, helping you have a more enjoyable camping experience.

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    While a 4-man tent is designed to accommodate four people, it's essential to consider factors like personal space preferences, the size of sleeping bags or mattresses, and the need for additional storage space. In practice, a 4-person tent may be more comfortable for three people, providing extra room for gear or allowing some space between sleeping areas. Always check the specific dimensions and layout of the tent to ensure it meets your comfort and space requirements.

    We recommend 4 person tents for couples who like have plenty of space or small families with two adults and one small child.

    A Hydrostatic Head of 3000mm is generally considered sufficient for a tent when camping in the UK, effectively handling the pressure from wind-driven rain and providing reliable waterproofing.

    For camping in more extreme weather we would recommend tents with hydrostatic head of 4000mm-6000mm.

    3-4 Man Tents

    What Are 3-4 Man Tents Good For?

    Looking for a 3-4 man tent that adapts to your camping needs? Our collection caters to various preferences, featuring technical tents ideal for backpacking, spacious weekend tents for family getaways, and Air Tents that revolutionise the camping experience. Choose from renowned brands like Vango, Outdoor Revolution, Outwell, Kampa, and Easy Camp, ensuring quality and reliability.

    Experience Unmatched Comfort

    Our 3-4 man tents boast unique features that ensures that you maximise your camping holiday. Experience comfort in every detail, from innovative design elements to premium materials.

    Where Can 3-4 Man Tents Be Used?


    Planning a backpacking expedition? Our technical tents are crafted for the adventurous soul, combining lightweight portability with robust construction. Enjoy the freedom to explore the great outdoors without compromising on comfort.

    Family Camping

    Create lasting memories with our spacious weekend tents designed for family camping. With room for 3-4 occupants, these tents provide the perfect home away from home, offering a cozy retreat in the heart of nature.

    Innovative Air Tents for Modern Campers

    Embrace the future of camping with our Air Tents, featuring hassle-free setup and inflatable technology. Perfect for campers seeking convenience without sacrificing durability.

    Why Choose WM Camping?

    With a commitment to excellence, WM Camping stands out in the industry. Benefit from our expert staff's knowledge and enjoy free delivery on orders over £100. With WM Camping's legacy of over 40 years, we guarantee expert advice and exceptional service.

    Tent Buying Guide

    Tent Buying Guide

    Tent Buying Guide
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