3 Way Distribution Adaptor

3 Way Distribution Adaptor

3 Way Distribution Adaptor

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  • Ideal for caravan and motorhome mains coupling
  • Distributes mains power from one source (site hook up)
  • Splash proof

The 3-Way Distribution Adaptor is a versatile and indispensable tool for campers and outdoor enthusiasts looking to maximize the utility of their campsite power supply. This adaptor provides three weather-protected mains outlets, allowing you to connect multiple electrical appliances or devices simultaneously.

Ample Power Capacity: With a robust 16A capacity, this distribution adaptor can handle the power requirements of multiple devices without the risk of overload. 

Secure and Earthed Connection: The 3-Way Distribution Adaptor features a 3-pin earthed plug, ensuring a safe and reliable electrical connection. This earthed plug provides an added layer of protection, giving you peace of mind while using your electrical devices.

Splash-Proof Design: Designed to withstand unpredictable outdoor conditions, this adaptor boasts a splash-proof construction. No need to worry about rain or moisture interfering with your power supply; the weather-protected mains outlets keep your connections safe and reliable.

Power Your Pitch: Whether you're at a campsite, caravan park, or any outdoor location with electrical hook-ups, the 3-Way Distribution Adaptor empowers you to make the most of your pitch. You can connect and power multiple devices simultaneously, enhancing your camping experience with convenience and flexibility.

When it comes to expanding your campsite power and ensuring that you can run multiple devices with ease, the 3-Way Distribution Adaptor is your go-to solution.

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