Continental Conversion Lead

Continental Conversion Lead

Continental Conversion Lead

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  • Converts your mains lead to a continental plug
  • 2-Pin plug
  • Splash proof

The Continental Conversion Lead is a practical solution for any camper or caravanner planning a trip to continental Europe. This compact and reliable conversion lead ensures that your mains lead is seamlessly adapted for use with continental 2 pin plug sockets, eliminating the need for adapters and simplifying your power connection.

Seamless Conversion: With a 2-pin plug, this conversion lead is designed for ease of use. It effortlessly converts your existing UK mains lead to a continental plug, allowing you to connect your caravan or camping equipment to continental European power sources without any hassle.

Power Your Pitch: This conversion lead empowers you to efficiently power your pitch in continental Europe. Whether you're at a campsite or caravan park, you can trust the Continental Conversion Lead to keep your electrical devices up and running, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay.

Splash-Proof Reliability: In the unpredictable outdoors, it's essential to have reliable equipment. This Continental Conversion Lead is splash-proof, offering added durability and protection against moisture. This feature ensures that your power connection remains safe and effective even in damp conditions.

The Kampa Continental Conversion Lead is a must-have accessory for anyone travelling from the UK to continental Europe. Its seamless conversion capabilities and splash-proof design make it a dependable and practical choice for ensuring your electrical needs are met during your outdoor adventures.

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