Blue Diamond Pile Driver Pro PEG224

Blue Diamond Pile Driver Pro (case of 20)

Blue Diamond Pile Driver Pro (case of 20)

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Tackle even the toughest ground conditions with Blue Diamond's Pile Driver Pro Pegs. These heavy-duty steel pegs feature a unique pile driver pin that delivers unparalleled holding power, ensuring your tent remains firmly anchored in place even in challenging weather.

Unparalleled Holding Power:

The innovative pile driver pin provides exceptional force transmission, driving the peg deep into the ground to create an unwavering anchor for your tent. This innovative technology surpasses the holding power of any standard tent peg.

Corkscrewed Shaft for Maximum Grip:

The corkscrewed shaft on each peg provides exceptional grip on even the most challenging surfaces, whether it's hard-packed ground, stony terrain, or grassy fields. This intricate design ensures your tent remains securely fastened, even in gusty winds or torrential downpours.

Ergonomic Plastic Head for Guyline Security:

Each peg boasts a heavy-duty plastic head with an ergonomic design that firmly secures guylines. This robust head ensures your guylines remain securely attached to the pegs, preventing your tent from collapsing or shifting in adverse conditions.

Robust Plastic Storage Case for Protection and Convenience:

These valuable pegs are securely stored in a sturdy plastic case made from recycled materials. This protective case shields them from dirt, damage, and moisture, ensuring they remain in top condition for years of use. The case also makes transportation to and from the campsite a breeze.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Steel
  • Colour: Grey
  • Length: 20.5cm
  • Pack Quantity: 20 Pegs per Box